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Monday June, 30 2003

Running Water

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I spent most of yesterday in NH trying to get the water running at my grandmother’s summer house. I wouldn’t even really call the place a house, more like a one floor shack. It doesn’t have a foundation, it’s resting on rocks and tree stumps.
My dad almost fell down the well but we got the pump working and the water running. All the facets work, the toilet flushes and the shower runs. I’m washing all the sheets and pillow cases now. Mmmm clean sheets!
The place is still in pretty good shape. The fridge and microwave are both still there. The rowboat is still seaworthy and we have plenty of beach chairs.
However, the whole house needs a cleaning.
The beach needs to be rediscovered from under a layer of weeds and pine needles.
The actual area in the water in front of the beach needs to be raked and freed from a host of water weeds.
The roof needs to be cleaned off.
And all the inner tubes for water fun have gone AWOL.
I have a lot of work to do.
Guess how I’m going to spending my fourth of July?

Saturday June, 28 2003

A Good Gag Gift

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You know what’s funny? Hello Kitty Vibrators are funny!
Tempting, but no, I don’t need to get anyone a gag gift that badly.
Heh, heh.
Too funny.

Friday June, 27 2003

Making the Most of A Bad Situation

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As I stated in my previous post I was rather, er, disgruntled with my progress on Operation Combine. (This may be renamed to Operation Just What the HELL was I Thinking?!?) I’m making the most of everything and I’ve decided to continue. It many never see a beta reader and I may never allow it to leave my harddrive, but they’re my stories and I’ll make something of them! Perhaps when I make significent progress on one of them, (I’m planning to make two seperate stories spanning about 100 years) I’ll allow it to see the light of day.
Until that time I have Pocky and Tea to keep me nourished on what is sure to be a very long journey.
Mmmmm Pocky.
I’m also working on a One Shot Story about Final Fantasy One. It’s evil. It’s very evil.
There are also three wallpapers in the works, but since they’re being made as a comission I have to get the ok from the person who asked for them before I put them up.
Now I’ve just got to fight with my CD burner until that works.

Wednesday June, 25 2003

I Suck…

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Did you ever have one of those moments where you sit down at look at something you wrote and say, “Man what was I thinking?” I’m having one of those moments right now.
I was sitting down to figure out Operation Combine. (AKA Let me be a stupid moron and try to combine all my stories into one big story.) So I started to look at a couple of the stories to figure out how far along I was.
So I opened one up and started reading it.
Damn I suck! I know what I was thinking when I wrote it, but why didn’t I realize sooner that I actually can’t write? I’m going to get yelled at for saying that, but damn!
I had really high hopes for this story, but now I’m starting to wonder if I can even pull it off.
Let me go and see if I can make something out of this mess.

Tuesday June, 24 2003

Say Something Funny

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I updated the quotes page.
Sorry there’s been so much delay, but I’m looking for a job and that cuts into wallpaper making time.
I’ve got three in the works as we speak.
Enjoy the quotes.

Monday June, 23 2003

Final Fantasy

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Picked up a copy of Final Fantasy Origins and played through ff1.
There are some good memories with that game. That was a damn hard game too. Of course in this new version they have an easy mode which makes the game so easy its almost insane. I’m going to have to play through on normal mode now. Can’t wait to sit back and get my tail kicked all the way through the Marsh Cave.
I should play through ff2 soon. The only time I got to play that game was a badly translated emulation.
I have to start my picture scanning marathon just about now.
I’ll update the quotes page soon. Wallpaper has been on hold since I’ve been looking for a job.

Friday June, 20 2003


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I didn’t get to sleep until 5am this morning.
I have no idea why, but I’ve noticed that the past couple of days I find that I can’t fall asleep until really late.
I’m usually such a grandma, I go to be at 10pm.
Ahh well, I watched a lot of Revolutionary Girl Utena. I’m at least halfway through the Black Rose Saga now. I’d really love to get this series on DVD.
I hope they put the whole thing out in a box set.

Hopefully if I can’t sleep tonight I’ll at least be able to get something productive done.

Smokey was happy though. He got fed right on time, instead of having to wake me up.

Thursday June, 19 2003

Home is where your @ is

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Ahhh, all moved in, set up and ready to rock!
Nothing much to report otherwise.
I didn’t set the house on fire when I cooked. It actually came out very well.
Mango Chicken Stir Fry and Jasmine Tea Rice is good stuff. Although from now on it’s riper mangos and I let the tea steep longer before throwing it into the rice cooker.

I know have a figure of Monkey King guarding my computer.
I’m a geek, but we knew that.

More wallpaper and quotes as soon as I manage to find time to open Photoshop.

Monday June, 16 2003


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I’m cooking tomorrow night.
Don’t worry, the Fire Deparment has been informed.
I’m making Mango Chicken Stir-Fry and Jasmine Tea Rice.

I get to go shopping tomorrow.

Sunday June, 15 2003

Six in one Update!

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Six new wallpapers! One more Washu, Two Final Fantasy, Two K-Pop, and One <i>Slayers</i>.
The Vincent Valentine wallpaper is rather spiffy if I do say so myself.

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