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Thursday July, 31 2003

Stay Demented

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I don’t think any stations in my area carry the Dr. Demento Radio Show, but man I wish they did.
Go grab a listen, they have a few shows available online.
I ought to put up a SKU (Shuojo Kakumei Utena) page in my site. I have enough wallpapers to warrent an obession.
I’m also thinking of making a new layout for the index page.
We’ll see how far I get on any of these projects.

Tuesday July, 29 2003

A Single Picture, Three Wallpapers

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I updated the site yesterday.
One picture hath spawned three wallpapers. I couldn’t help it, the picture is just so pretty. A plain wallpaper of just the picture will be up soon because I think it’s just so damn pretty.
Other than three new wallpapers both of the quotes pages got a major update. The regular quotes page got the biggest update. There are now three, count ‘em, three regular quote pages.
In other news, another Dr. Demento CD is out. Go out and pick up the 30th Anniversary Collection! It’s a great little set of CDs.
Now I know I’m about three years behind the times, but that shouldn’t stop me from spreading the news.

Monday July, 28 2003

Mosquito Munched

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I’d forgotten just how many of those little biting sons of sapsuckers there were up at the Cottage. The Deer Flys weren’t so bad this year, but Jemma and I found them. They were hiding up on the mountain.
We all had a great time. It was so great! I think we went swimming everyday and watched movies and ate good food. It was just nice and relaxing and cool.

I’d also forgotten how beautiful it was up there. In the morning, the pond is smooth as a glass mirror and it reflects all the trees and the rising sun. And then as it gets a little later the wind starts to blow and with the sun shining down the water turns into a pond of diamonds. All the trees are green and they line the road and make you think you’ve just walked into the world of the elves.
I cried when I had to drive away. There are so many memories in that place.
I want to get a good job and buy that place.

Tuesday July, 22 2003

This is Pot, calling Kettle

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I’m going to do a little rant about Blogs.
I can remember a time, not so long ago, when blogs were reserved for the internet savey, or, they were relagated to rant pages done in basic HTML.
Now everyone and their dog/cat/parrot/brother’s uncle/roommate/swimming buddy has a blog. Now, I have no place to talk, because here I am with a blog and I hardly ever write anything interesting.
That leads me to where I’m going.
The Blog scene has become a lot less interesting. Now I grant you, there are plenty of good blogs out there. Tons! Hundreds even!
But…well…here’s where I call the Kettle Black.
How the heck do the rest of these people get on the internet?
I know the answer already. LiveJournal and dozens of other free services.
I think it’s the angsty journals that really inspired this little rant. I know I angst all the time in my entries, but I’m talking about the black on black journals that would make Squall Lionheart proud. I’m sure you must’ve read a few. The one’s where every entry is another look into the tortured soul of some twelve year old, or perhaps they’re not twelve. I know when I was twelve my biggest worry was which frog I was going to catch next. The Brunching Shuttlecocks hit the nail on the head when they made the The Apathetic Online Journal Entry Generator. Hit that little button a few times. I’m sure you’ll hit on an entry that you know you’ve read somewhere before. I’m not against the occassional angry and angst entry. I’m all for using journals and blogs as a ranting block, but throw us a bone here people! Go to Fark! Steal a link or two! Tell us about the flowers you saw outside the other day! Anything! Be happy! At least once a month!

I can remember the time before the internet.
I can remember when an animated gif was the height of the graphics scene.
I can remember when finding an interesting and informative site was much easier.
Things get easier and everyone gets on the bandwagon. I mean, how many dead sites have you visited in the past few days? If not dead than how about “under construction”? The internet has becomes less of an information superhighway and more of a place where people who can never finish things go to leave their projects uncompleted. I’m beginning to think they do it on purpose.
There, I’ve said it. I feel better now.

And yes, I am one of those angsty, uninformative bloggers who has a tiny site filled with unimpressive HTML and CSS. I write journal entries about impending trips and failed job interviews. I’m fully aware of the fact that I can’t spell worth a damn. In short, I know I am part of the problem.
But the first step to finding a cure is admitting that you have a problem.

Getting Ready

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CATS was great! Even though we were in the last row, we were only 50ft from the stage. I think we had pretty damn good seats. You could see the whole stage and since we were in the back we could stand up if we had too. Pretty nice.
Now I’m getting ready to go shopping for the five days I’m spending up North.
I have a list a mile long.
I was also down in VA for a few days. It wasn’t as hot as I was expecting.
Not to mention the blueberry bushes.
Anyone who knows me knows that I love to eat plants. If I can pick it off a bush and stuff it in my mouth without bad effects I am a happy camper.
Of course, I’ve recently discovered that as a child I ate poison ivy with no ill effects. Don’t try this at home kids.
I need to try to grow a garden next year.
I haven’t forgotten about the SunTemple. A quotes update is in the making and there will be another update to the Wallpapers probably after I get back from NH.

Saturday July, 19 2003


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CATS, the now off broadway musical has come to Boston!
To the North Shore Music actually.
I decided that since Jemma is here she should see it on the stage.
I got tickets.
But we get to sit in the Peanut Gallery.
I’d better bring some Opera Glasses.

Tuesday July, 8 2003

The perfect hobby

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Making desktop wallpaper…a nice creative outlet that feeds several more of my hobbies. (ie webdesign and picture collecting)
Four more wallpapers today! One new Eva wallpaper featuring Misato, A remake of a Vincent Valentine wallpaper in the Video Game section, A new Utena wallpaper, and one new K-Pop wallpaper.

A note because I recieved an email about this.
All of the pictures that I use to make my wallpapers come from one of two sources. I scan them myself, or I download them from the web. All of my pictures are used with permission. And all of the websites that I use are listed on my links page.
Some of the pictures I have I’ve had for ages. When possible I try to locate the orginal site, but a lot of those sites have since gone dead or offline.
I haven’t been accused of stealing images. The emailer wanted to know where I got my pictures from and if I had to get permission to use them.
There’s your answer! ^_^

Saturday July, 5 2003

Great Goggaly Moggaly! An Update!

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Yes, ladies, gentlemen, and Internet monkeys, I’ve finally gotten around to updating The SunTemple. A couple of new quotes, a couple of new Mediocre Magical Items thanks to TeaThePink, and four new wallpapers. One new Slayers, One Kenshin, One Utena, and One Original are all waiting for you to go and read, look, and enjoy!

I do take request for wallpapers. If you have a character that you’d die to have a wallpaper for, go ahead and send me an email. If I can find pictures I can probably whip something right up for ya.

Friday July, 4 2003

It’s North.

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I made it back from another trip up North to clean.
We cleaned. I cleaned the bathroom. It’s a clean bathroom.
No dead mice in the stove. That’s always nice. I think the mircowave still works. We have hot water, a limited supply, but it’s there.
I cleaned off the roof. No more pine needles and sticks for you!
The beach is still AWOL. I plan to send out a search party on my next trip up.
We have an honost to goodness picnic table! In one piece!
But in a week I’m hopping a bus to VA. Yay! 14 hour bus ride!
And now…
Now I shower.
I smell like formula 404 and Bug Repellent.

Tuesday July, 1 2003

Take a Walk on Beacon Street

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So, I had my interview with that agency today. I think it went well. I also sighed up for their Temp Agency to see if they could get me anything in the interim whilst I wait for them to place me. The man I spoke with seemed very enthusiastic. Yay! Maybe a job is in my future!
Once I got there it went well. When I got my directions I thought he said come out of Park Street Station and look for the Steak House. I thought, “What Steak House?” but I went anyway. I couldn’t find it, so I called my dad who looked up directions for me. Due to a slight misunderstand, (besides “Steak House”) I ended up walking up to 152 Beacon Street, only to find out that 152 Beacon Street doesn’t exist!!.
About that time I realized that he had probably said “State House” comeo out of Park Street Station and look towards the State House. So I walked all the way back down Beacon Street and finally found the place at 152 Boden.
Yes, I am a dork, why do you ask?

And now a word on computers.
New 32x burner hooked up via USB = good
USB 2.0 Card that freezes system on startup = bad

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about I just got my dad’s old burner for use on my system via a USB hookup. It’s joyous! It works! I can have CDs in under 2 hours! I’m excited!
My father also tried to get me a USB 2.0 card to make the whole thing run a lot faster.
The USB 2.0 card fecked up my system. That wasn’t exciting.
And computers were supposed to make our lives easier! Hah!
You know, I remember the time before computers were around for personal use in the home. Well, widespread personal use.
I remember life before the internet.
I feel old.

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