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Sunday August, 31 2003

Farewell to a Great Teacher

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I posted a moment ago that I was working on making the 800×600 versions of my wallpapers. I may have to push the date back since I just found out that one of my favorite High School teachers, Mr. Lewis, passed away yesterday morning.
I plan on going to a viewing and the funeral so the wallpaper project is on hold.

Fuel for the Fire

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Four new wallpapers and two new Live Journal icons today. Three of those are located (of course) in the Utena section and the last, an Auska wallpaper, can be found in the Misc. Anime section.
I’m working on making 800×600 wallpapers. You can expect to see those within the next two days.
That’s the webpage out of the way, now onto breaking news!
I was in the Mall today and I noticed that it seems that the entire Utena series may now be purchased on DVD! I need a job! I love Utena! Anyone have $250.00 + whatever shipping and handling? No? I didn’t think so. That’s ok, that’ll be one of my first rewards when I get a job. Who knows, maybe by the time I’m employed it’ll be out in a Box Set.

Saturday August, 30 2003

The Return of the Webmistress

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I’m back from the Cape!
It good times we went on a Seal Boat thingy and saw lots and lots of seals. I’ve got pictures when I get them developed I’ll post a few.
It was an actual vacation where I did very little work so I only have two wallpapers. There are over 12 wallpapers in the works in varying stages of completeness. But for now there is one new wallpaper in the Utena section, and one new wallpaper in the Original Section. I’ve also given the quotes section a nice little update so be sure to stop and check that out.

*yawn* I’m going back to bed.

Friday August, 22 2003

Out of Town

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I’m off again!
There are several new wallpapers in the works and although I can’t promise any new wallpapers for some time I can promise a nice update to the quotes page when I return home.
Back in a week!

Thursday August, 21 2003

On the Road Again

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I leave for the Cape tomorrow and I’ll be gone for 8 days so no updates until then. Kujo is going with me so I’ll have a few wallpapers to work on, but I don’t know how much I’ll get done. I have several other projects that need to be done.
Right now I need to write up a proposal for the CDA then I’ve gotta finish packing…again!
oy oy

Wednesday August, 20 2003

Home Again

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Ok now I’m back! Tremble with fear!
Due to the vacation and another trip down to the Cape I don’t have any new wallpapers compleated, but there are four in the works three of which need only a few final touches. I’ll also have some new lj icons and quotes when I finally get back from everything.

I had a great time in Maryland, Korean Karoke is damn entertaining, especially when you can place Dance Dance and sing at the same time. Oh yeah. I suck, but that’s ok you know why? Because Sumi and I got a 97% on Hengbok.
Oh yeah, we rock.
I ate a lot of good Korean food. Yum! I need to frequent the Korean bakery around here more and find a place that makes good Patbingsoo. The goodness that is good patbingsoo cannot be described. Ice cream, ice, red beans, and fruit all mixed together in a way that just makes your taste buds sing with delight!
The weather down there cooled down just for us and then went back to normal just as we left. I love it when that happens.

Man, I need a nap. Long car rides are a killer even when you’re not driving.

Monday August, 18 2003

Down South

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So, here I am, down South and you know what? It’s not all that hot, I think the weather gods like me or something. *knock on wood*
So far its fun, we went to a karoke place and Sumi and I got a 91% score when we sang Candy and we did even better on Hengbok.
We also learned that I suck at Dance Dance, but we went to a Korean bakery and got lots of good things to eat. Mmmm red bean….

Thursday August, 14 2003

This is Neat

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Check this out, it’s called a Shuttle Ferry. Trippy huh?

Another new layout

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The main page of The SunTemple got a new look today. Stop by and let me know what you think.

I went shopping at the Garment District over in Cambridge. You can go downstairs for their dollar a pound shop. Good stuff.

Tuesday August, 12 2003

7 in one Update!

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Hey there!
There are seven new ljicons at the The SunTemple, yet alas, only three new wallpapers and all of those are located in the K-pop section.
The SunTemple now hosts 139 wallpapers to date.

I hope you like the new background. It will eventually be a layout, once I master the whole layout making thing.
Stupid tables won’t line up right.

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