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Tuesday September, 30 2003

Stupid Bloody exit

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So, I have another day of training tomorrow, although now I have to go to Southboro.
We decided to take a trip out there just to see how long it would take and so I wouldn’t be driving an unfamiliar route for the first time on my first day at that office.
So, it was mostly ok, the new Fast Lane pass works really well, but then in Southboro, there’s an exit to go to Route 85 in order to get on the street that my new office is located on.
You come up on a sign that tells you the exit is the next right.
And by that they mean about 100 feet beyond the sign.
Sweet Lady, I thought for sure the truck behind us was going to acquaint itself with my bumper thanks to the maneuver I had to do to get to the exit!
At least I know its there now.
Stupid %&@#!! exit.
What have I gotten myself into…
Just keep repeating: it has benefits, it has benifits…

In other news, some technical stuff at The SunTemple. I added one link, updated the site info page and added a page advertisting my web design stuff. But not to leave everyone without something, I’ve put up one new Live Journal Icon and a new wallpaper. Check out my site for details.

Monday September, 29 2003

Mirror Mirror

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Nothing much to report except I updated the SunTemple Mirror Site.
It’s even CSS now. ohhh shiny!

Sunday September, 28 2003

Some new stuf.

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An update! The SunTemple has been updated! Today I have for you: 4 new Live Journal Icons, two Inuyasha, one Oh My Goddess, and One K-pop. 3 new Wallpapers, one Utena, one Original, and one Gravitation which is found in the Misc. Anime section. And last, but of course never least, some new Quotes. Enjoy!

Saturday September, 27 2003

Who are Mary Sue and Marty Stu?

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Good afternoon friends, as promised I’ve written my rant, but I’ve cut it in case someone doesn’t want to read it.

Friday September, 26 2003

Final Fantasy VII-2?

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Yeah, that’s right. A sequel to Final Fantasy 7. It’s called Advent Children.
The article is over at Magic Box. The article states that its unclear whether it will be a DVD movie or a video game. All my sources state that its just going to be a DVD movie sequel. It seems that everyone has caught the sequel fever. I’m interested, but I’m unsure how I feel about it.
The pictures on the article look cool. The CG looks amazing, as per usual nowadays.

I’m divided on Final Fantasy X-2 for the same reason. The game looks amazing, but I don’t know how I feel about a sequel. One of the fun things about the Final Fantasy series is that each of the Final Fantasies really had nothing to do with one another. They weren’t in any sort of timeline. They were just games with similar attributes and several in jokes that happened to have the same name. I wasn’t enamored with Final Fantasy 8 and although 9 was better it didn’t really reach out and take a hold of me. FFX captured my imagination for a little while, but I soon loathed the sight of a blitz ball and that bloody grid.
I’m not sure about X-2 for pretty much the same reasons, but I’m sure that I’ll give in like the hopeless little gamer that I am and pick up a used one and pop it into my dad’s Playstation 2.

Also dampaning my spirits for this so far there don’t seem to be any plans to bring this DVD movie to the US, but that could change.

In other news Final Fantasy XI will cost $100. Yeah, you heard that right. One hundred big ones. Apparently its because you actually have to buy the hardrive for the game. The game comes pre-installed on that. I must say that I am intrigued by that. I’m not sure I’m ready to lay down $100 for a game, but it sure sounds like its going to be good. Well, the graphics will be good anyway. Of course everyone thought the same thing about Final Fantasy VIII. I’ll just wait until the reviews come in and draw my own conclusions.

It seems that everyone has caught this sequel fever. Disney seemed to start it when they started making a part 2 to just about every bloody animated feature that they had. I think it started with Aladdin, but I could be wrong. Thankfully none of those things were released in a theater. It’s like the world has run out of new ideas so they have rehash old ones.

Yes, yes, I know. There are no more new ideas out there, everything is a rehash, but I don’t need a sequel to the Little Mermaid for my life to have meaning thank you very much. So her daughter is a human that wants to be a mermaid, sounds a little like a lot of fanfiction out there, no thank you. Lady and the Tramp was just fine as a stand alone and I’m not at all curious about their brood of puppies. And I really really really don’t care about Tarzan’s kids. If the first one was a hit, great! Leave it that way! Don’t try to cash in and make a shitty sequel just because the first one made a lot of money!


Next up on my rants: Mary and Marty Stu, a look at the bane of fanfiction.
Or “The Pit of Voles: A documentary”

Thursday September, 25 2003


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Man oh man. I only worked two days and already I’m dreading next week.
I think I may be a bit jaded in the working department. Of course my job isn’t the most glamorous of jobs but its a pay check that will earn me about $100 a day. I’m not sure if that’s pre or post Uncle Sam. I’m going to have to start paying car insurance and for a Fast Lane pass so that’ll cut into my check. Not to mention the medical benefits that I get which I’ll have to pay a bit of money for…but I’m not going to complain about my benefits. I’m very excited over the prospect of not having to worry if I’m going to have to go to the doctor’s and how I’m going to pay for it.

I’m getting ready for the Ren Faire. I just bought shoe inserts for my boots. Hopefully this will prevent my feet from dying like they normally do. A whole day in shoes with no support what so ever is never good on the feet. I should actually have enough money to go, of course I won’t have enough money to buy much of anything but that’s beside the point. The only thing that I wanted to buy this year was a frog and a mug for my belt. I can always just buy one or the other and wait until next year or next Faire.

I just got my new cable box today. It’s not like I spend a whole lot of time watching TV anyway, but now I have the International Channel. YAY! I’m all about getting to watch my Korean music videos at odd hours of the morning. It’s just all about not being able to sleep and finding out that the Chinese Top Twenty is playing.

I’m going to open up photoshop and maybe get some wallpapers done or I’ll open up the “Story from Hell!(tm)” and get to work on that.
I could also gear up for an live journal icon making marathon. I’m not feeling all that great right now, we’ll see what gets done.

I feel like I need more sleep but I got plenty of sleep.

Tuesday September, 23 2003

My First Day

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Today was my first day at my new job.
I typed briefs, letters, and other things. I mailed things and I tore up books.
I didn’t crash the Mac which is a miracle in itself.
Maybe they’ll let me make them a webpage…
All the lawyers were very confused when I told them that I wasn’t interested in law. They got the most quizzical expressions on their faces when I said I studied Chinese Literature. They also figured out very quickly that the one question you never ask me is: “What’s Journey to the West?” or even better: “Who’s Monkey King?” Because I will answer. At length.
I’m tired.
I forgot what an actual 9 to 5 job was like.
I knew what I was in for the first time I heard them describe the job to me but I’m still worn out. I’ll get used to it…I hope. Before I have to drive to Southboro…in the snow…I hate driving.

I also have this insane urge to call people up for no reason. It’s a good thing someone is on the phone.

Monday September, 22 2003


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I start my new job tomorrow, so I updated The SunTemple today. 4 new Live Journal Icons and two new Wallpapers. One new K-Pop and one new Lord of the Rings.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with updates while I’m working.

The Two Towers

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Ok folks, go out and rent the Two Towers DVD from your local video store. It’s worth the four bucks it’ll cost you. Seriously. Go get it. You’ll thank me.
Such a great movie and after seeing The Fellowship for the 16th time watching to Two Towers, even if it wasn’t the extended version, as wonderful. I think Fellowhip has been on at least one movie channel every night since the TV networks got ahold of it. Plus the DVD has a preview for the extended version of Two Towers and man oh man does it make you want that version now! I can’t wait. Hurry up, November! They made the movie with the thought that whatever they cut they would put on the extended DVD. It looks like there was a decent amount of stuff that they cut, sadly, but that means all the more fun things to watch for when the DVD arrives.
And I’m of the belief that all of these movies go better with nice warm bread and cheese. Of course the Mudslides, Godiva Liqueur, marzipan, and Pringles were all a welcome addition. All we needed were some apples and we would have had a Middle Earth feast!
Well, of course minus the mixed drinks and pringles but I’m not all that keen on Ale. Just pretend that the crackers are tiny little bits of Lembas bread.

I think there could have been marzipan in Middle Earth; it’s just egg whites, sugar, and almonds, all of which were available.

I think when I manage to collect all of the extended versions I’m going to have a LoTRs day. We’ll watch all the movies and eat lots of apples, bread, and cheese! Bring your own Ale! I think that would safely take all day long, that would be…let’s see about 10 or 11 hours of movie? Mmmm, I like that sound of that.

I can’t wait to see Return of the King, it looks like its going to be fabulous! I shall have to wait impatiently for December.
Of course all this LoTRs makes me want to make wallpaper and/or write slash.
I think the wallpaper may just win out. Sorry slash fans!
I’ll leave it for someone else to write this day. I’m feeling rather epic at the moment too but I don’t think I have the skill to write Tolkien style.
Time to bust out the Photoshop.

Saturday September, 20 2003

Before I go

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I’m just going to post this for everyone.

Icon Wars
It’s great.

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