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Friday October, 31 2003

The Server Says:

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Happy Halloween.
I won’t work right now…

Say it with me oh StrongBad fans…

The System is Down.
The System is Down.
The System, System, System, System
System is Down.

I came into work to find that the network had gone down.
Luckily, or sadly is was a quick fix.

I suppose now I have to go do work. Such is life.

Happy Trick or Treating.
I wish I had brought some candy to work.
Maybe I can wander to other offices and get candy….
Now there’s an idea.

Monday October, 27 2003

More Fun on the Way to Work

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But first a note to all pedestrians:

For Goddess sake people LOOK before you wander out into oncoming traffic! The law that means we have to yield to you doesn’t give you allowance to do stupid things!
Thank you for your attention.

And now for something completely different:
More Fun things to do on the way to work!

Jam to Amazing Grace with the volume all the way up and the windows rolled down. Really get into it. Do a drum beat on the steering wheel.

Find a CD full of Metroid music and pretend that you are Samas Aran and drive your car like a space ship. Pretend you are out to destroy Mother Brain who is now, for some odd reason, lurking on the highway. Pretend that the window wipers are lasers.

Sunday October, 26 2003

My Obesession continues

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Yeah, head on over to The SunTemple to see two new Utena Live Journal Icons.
They are spiffy, if I do say so myself.

Saturday October, 25 2003

Beware my Utena Obession…

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Some Utena stuff at the SunTemple. Two new Utena Live Journal Icons, and two new Utena Wallpapers.

Can I help it if Empty Movment as the best gallery ever?

Friday October, 24 2003

A Note to Other Drivers:

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I just need to get something out of my system.

Please, I beg of you, do not tailgate me.
I always assume that tailgating means you really really want to talk with me about something and I will slow down to see what the matter is.

So if you don’t want to talk to me either pass me or slow down.

Thank you.

Thursday October, 23 2003

Snowy Mornings

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It’s only October and I’ve already decided that I don’t like driving to work in the snow. Today’s commute wasn’t so bad, but I imagine it’s going to get much, much worse.

Life is complicated. I don’t like that.

Macs at work driving me insane, but that’s normal. I can handle the blue screen of death, I can’t handle this random freeze and claim to have memory problems.

It feels like its snowing in my office. I swear if I set off the sprinkler system snow would come out instead of water.

In other news I have some LJ icons that I’ll post probably tonight when I get home. I need to get on the ball and make gads more icons and wallpapers. I have a few ideas for wallpapers floating around in my head, it’s just finding the time to do them. I think this Saturday I’ll hook up with my computer for some quality Photoshop time. That’d be nice.

Also I’ve been looking at Condos, so I can move. I may do a search for apartments as well, but the condos look vaugely affordable. 90,000 to 120,000. It’s nothing I can do right now, but hey, that’s not bad. I’ll look at apartments tonight, if I can find a place close by to where I work with a reasonable rent scale I may just go for it. Of course my version of reasonable rent scale is like 500 a month, and we all know that isn’t going to happen. What can I say? I’m a dreamer.

Tuesday October, 21 2003

Still Alive, I think…

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Hey there, still alive, just busy with the Real World.

I don’t like the real world.
It’s full of lawyers briefs and cover letters that have 10 people on the cc line.

Anyway, here’s a link to one of my friends on Fanfiction.net. Yes I know, the Pit of Voles, but she’s good, so go read her stuff, and then review and tell her what you want.

Nightfall Rising.

Now, shoo, and read. I’ve got to install Dreamweaver and play with my new Internet publishing toy.

Friday October, 17 2003

A Few Good Things

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Good things at my work:
A puppy mousepad
Unicorn Beanie Baby on top of the computer
Card from Erin on my desk
Utena desktop wallpaper
More new steps for the Office Tango


The Web Gets Better

Another Good thing about the Web.

So many good things!

Wednesday October, 15 2003

It’s not dead yet!

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Yes, an update! I was on a vacation for a week. A whole bunch of Live Journal Icons, mostly in the misc section, but a one Utena and one Slayers. Also a whole mess of Quotes for ya. Also some more Internet Bumper Stickers on the updates page. Just refresh it a few times.

I ran around the office with a streamer of stamps behind me.
When I was done with the things I was stamping I used the empty stamp streamer paper to streamer my desk. They made me take it down. Oh well.

Yeah, I’m still bouncy.

Tuesday October, 14 2003

A few notes

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If I’m driving in the right lane on the highway the chances are that I want to drive at a reasonable speed. You know, somewhere around the speed limit. 65 to 70 mph is plenty fast enough for me.
So, if you’re behind me, go ahead and pass me.
Don’t ride on my ass. That just makes me slow down to see what the problem is.
Really people, I’m driving in the slow lane because I want to go slower than the rest of the traffic.

And now, onto work.
No, no new dances, but I have managed to make a good time on the “35 foot dash for the printer.” My “desk” is about that far from the only printer in the office and if I want to print just about anything, I have to get up, go to the printer, set up the paper and or envelopes, go back to my computer, tell it to print, and then go and retrieve my things from the printer.
This makes for a lot of exercise during the day, especially around 4:30 when all the lawyers decide to give me and Jeanne all their work and we’re both trying to use the printer at the same time and get everything to the post office.
Although I get to put any wallpaper I want on my computer. He HE! That means I can post up Utena. I can’t wait until someone asks me about it.

When I get my plant I’m thinking of naming it Ereshkigal after the Sumerian goddess. I’m going to make a little sign that says: “Hi, my name is Ereshkigal.” That way when someone asks I can say with a big evil grin: “Ereshkigal is the Demon Goddess of the Sumerian Underworld. Can I help you?

I’m still really happy, in case anyone was wondering.

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