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Sunday November, 30 2003

Mmmm Turkey

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Yeah, I ate a lot. It was good. That’s about all your going to get out of me about it.

Expect a new blog layout in the near future. I’m thinking of doing something very simple. I’m also going to revamp The SunTemple’s CSS when I next get a chance.
Right now, it’s video game time.

Wednesday November, 26 2003

Thoughts on a Mary Sue Flame War

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A while ago I posted a rant of sorts about Mary Sues. Thanks to some recent events, I’m inspired to do another one.

I just finished reading a flame war over at pottersues the first and most well known of the “Sue a Day” journals that have sprung up like wild flowers.

Apparently a Mary Sue Author or a fan of a particular Mary Sue author got it into their heads to flame the board and demand that the journal be taken down. They claimed that they would sue not only pottersues but everyone who replied to the posts.
Now, this is a laugh. pottersues conforms to all of Live Journal’s terms, they cannot be sued for copyright infringement since they always give full credit to the authors not to mention that fan fic is a violation of copyright in the first place. Don’t these teeny boppers know that they don’t have a legal leg to stand on?

The Internet is a public forum. Fan Fiction.net is perhaps even more so. By posting on the Internet or at that site you give people the right to read, review, and yes, even flame your work.

Heads up writers, if you don’t want people to comment on your work, don’t post it where anyone can read it. If you can’t handle criticism, get off the Internet.

I don’t agree with flames. I don’t like flamers, but the truth should be told that 99.9 percent of the people who posted at pottersues never flamed. They went to these fics to leave constructive criticism. Some of it seemed a bit harsher than others, but it was all meant to help.

True to fashion, many of these authors simply can’t understand why people don’t like to read their stories. I present a challenge to those writers. Submit your work to your English, Literature, or Writing teacher and see what happens. Your bad spelling, lack of simple grammar, and giant blocks of text aren’t going to fly so well then.

Mary Sues and Marty Stu are all a natural part of the writing process. We’ve all written them and they can be fun to write. Who doesn’t want to leap into a story and play it out side by side with their favorite character?

The Mary Sues that are posted at pottersues or any of the other Sue Hunting Journals are posted because generally they are frankly just downright bad. Most of these authors tear apart the cannon to suit their needs, misspell names and places with horrendous results, change characters until their unrecognizable, and generally suffer from the same: “My character is the bestest ever!!” syndrome.

This is not Emmy winning writing here people and it never will be. Your perfect character is not original, it been done to death. No one except for you is impressed that he or she can suddenly do everything and make everybody love them. Give your character a flaw. Not being able to sing is not a flaw unless it’s in a world in which singing is so important that the character cannot function without the skill.

Try actually writing in the cannon. For example: the Lord of the Rings does not need another mysterious ring, they have plenty of those, or a “Tenth Walker” there were nine walkers, Tolkien didn’t forget one. Trust me on that. Plus there are plenty of places to go with original characters in a cannon setting. There are hundreds of years of Middle Earth history to enjoy. Go write about something else.

And if you still need to write your own personal Mary Sue create your own world where you Sue would fit. Just suddenly appearing and being able to do wandless magic doesn’t work in the Harry Potter world. Make your own world where your character can do wandless magic to their heart’s content. She may still be a Mary Sue but at least now you can do anything you want without worrying about a cannon.

As a bonus if you create the world and don’t borrow aspects from other cannons you can have a legal leg to stand on if someone copies or posts your work without your consent. If you create an original world with original characters then you do own it. You can’t own your fanfiction. All the characters that you are writing with belong to someone else and if that person decides that they want to sue you, they can. You, however, cannot sue someone else for complaining about or posting your work. That’s the way it goes.

It’s amazing how many Mary Sue authors proclaim their immaturity with bullhorns and then expect to be taken seriously. Not everyone is going to love you, and you’d better learn to deal with it. Try getting something published and see how harsh the criticism can get. If you think a mean review is: “This plot is bad and this whole story is in need of a beta reader. Bad spelling and bad grammar,” is too harsh to handle just wait until a publisher reviews what you’ve written. Try telling them that they’re a “meanie”.

If you don’t want reviews that might be a bit harsh, take your work down. No one is impressed by your hissy fits or your swearing. Not everyone is your loyal fan and that’s life. Deal with it.

There, I feel better now. If you have something to say about this, please feel free to comment.

Tuesday November, 25 2003

Cold Office

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It’s cold. I think it’s illegal for it to be this cold.

It’s going to be a busy day today. We’ve got two things due, they’ll get done. They always do. Even if we have to run around like chickens with our heads cut off at 4:30.

I’m also thinking of trying to redesign the CSS at The SunTemple. The current one breaks in Netscape and I can’t figure out why. It’s also not as clean and flowing as I’d like it to be. I should use this as an opportunity to master Dreamweaver.

Did I mention I’m wearing two sweaters and its still bloody cold in here? Damn office needs heat!

Monday November, 24 2003

Computer Failure

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I came into work on Saturday to try and get some extra work done. It started out pretty normally, I came, i started working, did a whole bunch of typing that had magically appeared over the weekend and got ready to attack the file folders.
Before I can set myself to this task, however, it comes to my attention that the voice mail is down. I find the number and call the guy that manages it, he has me go into the server room and try to see the problem, that’s when we discover that the computer tower that works our voice mail doesn’t seem to be turned on.

“Well,” I think to myself. “That explains it doesn’t it? Some silly sod must’ve turned the bloody thing off. That’s an easy fix, I’ll just turn it back on.” So I push the button and I am rewarded by silence.

Undaunted I check the wires to make sure that everything is plugged in, everything seems to be hooked up right. That means one of two things.
Either complete hard-drive failure or a power source failure.
I’m hoping for power source failure, because that’s easy to fix.

The long and the short of all that is there is no voice mail for the office today. That means I have to take any and all messages that come through by hand. Now, I’d just like to note two things to perhaps explain why I’m ranting about this.
First: I’m the only one here right now to answer the phones and they tend to ring constantly.
Second: We have six incoming lines and I’ve seen at least five of those ring at the same time.

Yeah. It’s going to be a fun day.

Sunday November, 23 2003

A Quandary

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These days most of the creative things I do are ment to go up on my webpage. This doesn’t bother me, I enjoy making things, and I enjoy HTML and updating my webpage, so it seems the perfect marriage of obsessions. However this makes me neglect about a dozen other projects that I should also be devoting time too.
The simple solution would be to place these projects on my webpage. Since I would be longing to update them I would work on them and eventually finish them. After all, the Shadowgate Novelization was stalled until I uploaded it to the webpage. Once up there in its partially completed form I was driven to finish it. Viola! I’ve hit upon the way to finish my projects!

There’s a problem with this brilliance though…
Although there are copyright laws in effect for the internet…anything posted can be stolen. There are some things I’m working on that I don’t want stolen because I’m going to try to publish them someday. Things like the combination of stories that I’m working on, the working title of which is: “The hell was I thinking?” Then of course there is my thesis type thing that revolves around Monkey King.
I have a few fanfics that I could post on the internet. I would be annoyed if they were stolen, but I can never have them published so they are really merely for the enjoyment of others.
Ok, so all of my stories don’t really have a good chance of being published in today’s market, but I’m trying to be a bit idealistic.

At any rate, this leaves me a bit confuzzled.
Should I post these things, despite my fears so that I’ll finish them or should I leave them on my hard drive whilst I lavish my attentions on icons and the like?
I could just post the fanfics since those are fair game anyway…then at least I’d finish those and perhaps that would spur me to finish other projects…

Today I think I’m going to try to do some story work, maybe I’ll make a few icons if I get photoshop fever.

Anyone out there have any ideas?

Friday November, 21 2003

More on Driving and Work

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I’ve discovered that listening to Weird Al on the way to work is just a great way to start the day.
So are phone conversations from the parking lot, but that’s for another time. ;p

Also more on being at work, while I don’t have any new steps for the Printer Dance or the Office Tango I have discovered fun and interesting things to do with paper clips. They make wonderful hangers. Ohho! I saw all those dirty little minds working…no, just hangers, nothing else.
Yes indeed. I still haven’t figured out how to make bendy animal sculptures out of them yet, but I’m working on it. I’ve figured out how to make “Strange long bit of metal with odd dents in it.” I’m really good at that one.

Thursday November, 20 2003

It promises to be a day.

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Although today promises to be a rather busy day and tomorrow will probably be hell I really can’t bring myself to care all that much. Even though I probably will have to come in on Saturday.
I’m too excited about a chat appointment later this evening to even think about anything else. Yes, chatting is fun. So is mudding, I need to get back into mudding. I’d have to start again on all my characters, but that wouldn’t be so bad…I say that now. Just wait until I get back and I can’t remember any of the commands any more.

Not to mention that I submitted some icons to lj user Mint Tea for her icon contest. I hadn’t heard anything back and I had sighed, shrugged my shoulders and decided that mine didn’t make the cut. She did warn, after all, in her post that she was judging them with her bias. No big deal.
And Lo! I go to her website and note that under avatars she’s put up a new section for the contest. I click, wondering what icon works of art I shall see because there are plenty of astounding icon makers out there that use her templates. I’m posted!
It just makes me very happy that someone outside my circle of friends, ie one who doesn’t have a friendly bias, likes my icons.
*turns into a chibi, dances*

Yeah. So, back to the mundane. Let’s see if I can make it through the day without messing up.

Wednesday November, 19 2003

Work Work Work

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I missed a showing of the extended version of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. It’s out now, so I will be able to see it eventually and perhaps convince others to join me in a bread, cheese, and apple party. Because you need to have bread and cheese while watching that movie, and perhaps ale or some other beverage like that.

Can I just mention, as well, that my boss is driving me up a wall? She always assumes I’m doing something wrong. Today, for example, she asked me to start some letters, I agree. Then she asks me where I’m getting them from and I say from the form letter file on the main computer.
She tells me that this is right, tells me about how I should do that, and then notes that I have a similar file in my section. (That was a left over from the person who worked here before me.) She gives me a whole long speech about how I shouldn’t have that file, I should use the file on the main computer because she wants everything done the same way.
Mind you, I’ve just told her that I don’t use the the file in my section, I use the file on the main computer.

It wouldn’t be all that frustrating except she does this every single timem becoming increasingly glad that I only agreed to two years.

Tuesday November, 18 2003


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Oh yeah, it’s about time.

A slightly better day at work today. Even better since I read this post.
Oh yeah!

Finally states are heading in a good direction. I feel like doing a little dance. I’ll think I’ll go jam while I photocopy some things.

Monday November, 17 2003

Don’t like Monday

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It’s another Monday morning and already the day is going badly.
It seems a letter that I did, under direction mind you, went to the wrong person. So now there’s some scrambling going on here as we figure out what to do. Thankfully the fault belongs to someone above me, but of course, I’m still going to hear about it.
Good grief.
It shouldn’t be that big a deal to me, but I show up on Monday morning with a cold and a splitting headache and the first thing I find out is that I messed up royally.
Not a good way to start the day.

Did I mention that everyone in the office is sick?

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