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Sunday November, 16 2003

Yes, more Utena

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12 new Utena Live Journal Icons over at The SunTemple. Yes I am currently obsessed with the show, can you tell?

Saturday November, 15 2003

You saw it coming…

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Seven new Final Fantays icons over at The SunTemple.
You knew they were coming.
Templates are by that wonderful lj user minttea.

Would you look at that?

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Wow! Hop on over to Quotes page got an update with the addition of page 5!

Of course, now I’m going to start working on icons.

Friday November, 14 2003

I did something anyway.

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I managed to get two icons done, and I have a ton of bases to play with, so that should be fun. I’ll try to post those two icons tonight.

I need to finish up those pictures. Scanning takes forever.

Yeah, that’s about it. I’m boring.

Wednesday November, 12 2003


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I really really have to stop eating those things.
I’m going to turn into a little butterball, I just know it.
It’d be ok if I weren’t sitting on my tail for most of the day. I need to start at a gym or something.

Well, another day at work, but the good news is I got some bases done and ready in my photoshop and so that means some new icons are shortly to follow.

This whole 9 to 5 thing isn’t me. I wish I could go freelance web design. *sigh* I just have to keep dreaming and trying.

Tuesday November, 11 2003

Office Food. Yum.

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Once again there are a lot of donuts in the office.
There’s just something about donuts and hot tea, you know?
I’ve noticed that we usually have a lot of food around here or none at all. It’s usually really good when its here though.

Anyway, I’ve got a million things to get done as usual, including that stack of pictures and one icon request.
So I need to get those pictures scanned ASAP.
And I need to remember to bring in the adapter for my keyboard. I have this nice new keyboard that I can use, but all it needs is a thingie to usb adapter.

Winter bites right now, it’s giving me nosebleeds.

This office needs heat. I think I’ll put that on my Christmas wishlist.

Monday November, 10 2003

Monday, Monday

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So after that weekend of frantic updating I’m sure we’ll be back to a dry week.
I really hope not, it felt good to be poking around in Photoshop again.
Of course I still have a pile of photos that need to be scanned and put up.
*sigh* Oh well. Time to start making a To Do List.
It’s going to be a long To do list…

Sunday November, 9 2003

What? Another one?

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Six more icons over at The SunTemple:
five are Lord of the Rings and one is Utena, go ahead, adorn your journals.
But remember to credit in the keywords.
Thank you.

Tweeky tweeky

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Just another tiny tweek at The SunTemple.
I’ve split up the Live Journal Icons pages so that it will take less time to load them.

There are currently 88 icons at the SunTemple, w00t! Icony goodness.

Saturday November, 8 2003

On a Roll

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Another update in so many days, head on over to The SunTemple for five new Live Journal Icons and all of those are Saiyuki.
I’m planning on reorganizing the Icons page soon so that it should take less time to load. I’m also planning on making the backgrounds a tad smaller.
Yes it’s pretty, but unless you have a fast connection its hell to load. I may remove it and just leave the page black or I may try and make a smaller one that looks good with my current layout.
We’ll see.

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