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Thursday January, 29 2004

Still ticking

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I’m still alive.

I’m sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been helping my friend get her site Moon Dragon Studios up and running. It’s looking pretty good. It requires CSS, however, so enable your browers or go grab their latest versions.

I’m planning on a mega quotes update in the near future. Stay tunned.

Tuesday January, 20 2004

Long awaited update

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I forgot to post about it, but I did update The SunTemple over the weekend.
I split up the live journal icon pages so that they should take less time to load and I added two Weebel and Bob icons.
I’ll soon be doing the same for the wallpaper pages and probably the Shadowgate novelization.
I also added a hefty dose of Magical Items.
I’ll be working on those quotes shortly.

Friday January, 16 2004

We’re getting there

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Moon Dragon Studios is beginning to take shape. Hopefully I’ll be able to get at my computer this weekend and get something uploaded. I think I have one or two live journal icons that could go up and I have a few magical items so that would make for a tiny little update. I don’t see myself being able to make any wallpapers any time soon, but that could change. Mayhaps even some quotes will get uploaded.

In other news. It’s bloody cold. It’s so cold that they cancelled school in a lot of places. I still have to be at work but at least I’m inside where its mostly warm.

I dislike days on which it drops to -20 degrees. Someone needs to make dress pants that are warm.

Wednesday January, 14 2004


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I got my first parking ticket today. I was parked too close to an “intersection.” Mind you, that “intersection” was the corner of another street that’s so narrow no one ever uses it except to park. Grrr. 20 feet away from a corner? How am I supposed to do that? That means practically every parking space on the street can’t be used and I can’t park in front of the house because it’s odd/even parking and this year it’s the odd side. (From November 1st to May 1st you can’t park on one side of the street so that they can plow it when it snows.)
Nothing to do but pay it and look for someplace else to park.

I’m hoping to get back on track with The SunTemple this weekend at the latest, but Moon Dragon Productions is coming along very well.

I’ve even ended the direct linking problem. I wasn’t mean enough to put an interesting picture in its place, so all that comes up are nice, ugly, red Xs. I can’t wait until I get the e-mails wondering why they can’t link to my pictures anymore. *evil wicked grin*

Wednesday January, 7 2004

Nothing too exciting

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Still no updates. I’m trying to get Moon Dragon Studios up and running and that’s taking up all the time that I’m not at work. I won’t mention that traffic has been horrid these past couple of days.

I’ve got some fics that need to go once through the editing department before they go up on the site, but perhaps I can get to those at some point. What I really should do is break up the pages in the Live Journal Icons section. I think that they’re getting a wee bit big.

We’ll see how much gets done.

Monday January, 5 2004

At last, the Troll is gone

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The drama over at Live Journal has finally ended. Antipottersues has been deleted. My bet is that the journal was deleted for harrassment. It was funny but I have to admit it was starting to get old. Yes, the infamous Not-Bob looks to have posted her last.
The whole mess started when Sweet Baby Ninetails posted a rather angsty poem in her profile after having her story featured on pottersues and this prompted the troll now known as Not-Bob to come and flame pottersues. As you can see the poem is long gone and our little writer is just fine. As a matter of fact, if you look at some of the reviews you will note that although Sweet Baby Ninetails wasn’t happy about having her fic posted, she certainly isn’t rabidly angry about it. You’ll also notice that someone who signed in as “a friend” told her that her fic was posted and encouraged her to “Get all your friends and scream at these freaks with no friends who have nothing better to do than make any writer who isn’t perfect miserable. And put back up your story. Taking it down is just what they want. We don’t want to give these idiots what they want. This is war!

I’ve got some money that says “a friend” was our infamous Not-Bob.
That person seems to have forgotten that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I happen to like reading pottersues and I never thought that the people who posted there wanted authors to take their stories down. Mostly they want to pull people out of the Mary Sue trap and encourage them to write better.
We all write Mary Sues at some point in time. The real trick is to stop writing them.

Right now I’m working on getting Moon Dragon Productions up and running, but hopefully you’ll see some updates in the meantime. I’ve got more quotes than you can shake a stick at. Look for those in the near future.

Saturday January, 3 2004

Feed the Troll

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Remember Not-Bob? She’s back and she’s worse than ever. Now she has her own Live Journal called anitpottersues. You heard me right. anitpottersues.

I don’t think I’ve stopped laughing yet.

This troll had its bluff called and then, oh what? A month later she comes back with her own live journal and tries to bring down pottersues? I have to admit the first entry was mostly coherent but the second entry went back to being incoherent babble and bitching that we all know and love. This journal is going to bring down pottersues?

Perhaps if Not-Bob had some grasp of the English language, or if she took the fanfiction that pottersues posts and began pointing out the redeeming factors than maybe pottersues would have something to worry about. Considering that most of the people commenting are the “minions” of pottersues, I don’t think that pottersues has to worry yet.

The biggest problem here is not pottersues. The owner of that journal is just voiceing her opinion. If she were bitching about movies or published books no one would have a problem. Pottersues doesn’t e-mail the authors and ask them to come and watch her make fun of their work. She just gives her opinion in her own journal.

I think the problem lies with the troll. Not-Bob emails the authors and lets them know that their fiction is posted. Nowadays no one can take any sort of critism, especially young people. Let’s face it kids, your fiction isn’t good. Not everyone thinks that you are wonderful, not matter how many reviews you get that say: “gr8! rite more!” Pottersues has the right to post and point out the flaws in fiction.

I wonder how Not-Bob will last. I give her about a month. Maybe two.

Thursday January, 1 2004

First update of the New year

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Happy New Year, the The SunTemple is off to a great start! I’ve got five new Live Journal Icons, and three, yes, that’s right, three new Final Fantasy wallpapers!

It’s a good start to a new year. Let’s see if I can break two hundred wallpapers and 300 icons this year!

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