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Sunday February, 29 2004

Leap Year Update

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Happy Leap year every body. My Great Aunt’s birthday is actually today, so although she’s 90 something she’s actually just turned 21!

At any rate, I updated The SunTemple. 11 new Icons and 1 new wallpaper.

162 wallpapers and 270 icons to date.

Saturday February, 28 2004

Monkey’s Quotes

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I’ve updated The SunTemple with four Ronin Warriors icons and three Final Fantasy icons.
I’ve also put up the random quote generator on Monkey’s page. It only has fifteen quotes so far, but I’m working on getting more.

Anyone have any good Monkey quotes that they want to share?

Tune in next time, same Monkey time, same Monkey channel.

Friday February, 27 2004

Here’s your update

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Yes indeed I updated The SunTemple go ahead and check out the newly formatted wallpaper pages and seven new icons six of which are Ronin Warriors.

Thanks for watching, don’t forget to tune in next week!

Update in the near future

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I’m looking into a minor icon update tonight and perhaps some messing with the wallpaper pages.

Over the weekend I’m hoping to manage getting Monkey King’s quote generator up and running and perhaps some more fiction online.

Thanks for tunning in, don’t touch that dial, we’ll be right back!

Tuesday February, 24 2004

And lo, there was another update

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Yes, another one.
It’s another small one, but at least I’m slowly making some progress.
I have one new fic up at The SunTemple.

Look for another small update this evening.

Monday February, 23 2004

An Update you say?

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I forgot to post it here but The SunTemple updated last night.
The quotes page got a huge update and I cleared up a few broken links here and there and did some minor editing to the links page. See? I made good on my promise.

Expect a tiny icons update and perhaps another fic update tonight.

Stay tunned same blog time, same blog channel.

Thursday February, 19 2004

Posting or Lack Thereof

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You know, I used to try and post everyday. It’s a bit sad how I’ve fallen off recently.

At any rate, the next update to the SunTemple will probably be Sunday night. I might be able to squeeze in a minor update tonight, but I’m not sure.
Along with the other updates I mentioned, I’m going to try and root through my links page. I have new ones to add and old ones to take away.

Once again, thanks for watching.

Wednesday February, 18 2004

Getting Closer

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Believe it or not, I am getting closer to an update.
It’s been a crazy month. Hopefully the SunTemple won’t have to go dorment like this for a long time.

At any rate expect some icon updates, a major quotes update, a few more magical items, some new fics, and a new randon quote generator on Monkey’s page.

Thanks for watching.

Monday February, 9 2004


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I’m still alive.
Sorry, still no quotes update.
The real world is interfering. I hope to be back on track soon.

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