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Tuesday March, 30 2004

Update Type Thing

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I played with a few things over at The SunTemple.
I changed around the links page, updated my Site Info and even added some more quotes.

Sometime in the near future I hope to get more of my fiction up.

Friday March, 26 2004

So Wrong

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I think this is just a little extreme.
That’s so wrong.
I can almost see a hotel in Vegas having one of those.

Wednesday March, 24 2004

Minor Update

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I updated The SunTemple last night with a few minor additions.
I did some updating of the links page, discarding old links and adding a few new ones.
I also fixed the html in “Life After Roses” which had somehow gotten itself majorly screwed up. Chapters 1 and 2 should be readable now.

That’s about it, I’m hoping to get some of my older fics and some new chapters up within a few weeks.

Tuesday March, 23 2004

I won?

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So, I come into work today, generally blah about that whole thing.
I push through a pile of photocopying that was left for me and settle down to try and sneak in some work.
The bell on our door dings and in walks the site manager for our building.
He stops by from time to time so I don’t really think anything of it. We chat for a moment about mattresses because he notes that I look sleepy.
Then he holds up one of the office raffle cards that we fill out each month and drop in a building wide raffle.

I won.

I wish my koi were here so I could take her out for a nice romantic dinner. *sigh*

As it stands I’ll take my parents out for dinner. I think they’ll enjoy that.

I never expected to win that bloody raffle, I just fill out the cards for something to do on the first day of the month.
Well, I guess I’d best keep filling them out huh?

Monday March, 22 2004

You guessed it

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Yep, The SunTemple updated again.

Friday March, 19 2004

Just an Update

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Just a note to let you all know that The SunTemple just updated. Have fun.

Job Tests

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I took one of those job test thingies to try and help me think about things I would rather be doing than sitting around at a desk all day.
The results were interesting, I’ve posted them under the link below, just in case someone isn’t interested in my ideas for future professions.

I have one question though.
What’s an ombudsman?
Let’s check the dictionary!
A goverment offical who investigates people’s complaints…
Right. Just what I need. More whiny people all day long.

Thursday March, 18 2004


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I’ve noticed something on the web that really irks me.
It’s actually been irking me for a long time but I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about it, probably because I figured no one cared.
No one probably cares now but I’m going to blog about it anyway.

Today’s Peeve about the Internet is:
Websites with layouts that are impossible to navigate.

You know the kind of websites that I mean. They’re usually run by younger folks who have sixteen journals, three blogs, and ten or more websites.
The layouts are usually graphical and usually spectacular. You surf into one of these things and think, at first: “Wow, that’s a really nice piece of graphic art right there.” Now, that’s provided the colors don’t clash and make your eyes hurt.

That’s where the amazement stops. The impressed mood fades quickly as you try to navigate the rest of the site. You can’t figure out if: “Shards from my Shattered Soul” leads you into the image gallery or a section full of angsty poetry. You click and discover that you’re totally wrong and it leads to the links section. There’s usually no navigation bar, and if there is one the helpful titles are: Shards, Breaks, Cracks, Crystal, and so forth. If you’re lucky you can hover your mouse over them and see where the links are leading, but sometimes the little bints change those too and you’re left staring at an overlong URL that ends in cracks.html.

What’s even better is sometimes they don’t use text links at all, instead they use image maps. I wouldn’t mind if the image had some text somewhere that told me where I was going, instead I have to click randomly around on some angsty artwork in hopes that I locate a link.

How about when they don’t use colors that contrast? Such as having a black background and dark gray text, or a deep blue background and a deeper blue text.

Or how about Java Cursors? I hate those damn things.

Why is it so hard to make a site that people can actually navigate?

Tuesday March, 16 2004

Site Stats

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To date 16,785 people have wandered into my site.
I know that’s peanuts compared to some other sites.
Hell, I think other sites get that per day, but I’m still happy.

A pause in the day

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Everyone’s gone to lunch leaving me alone at work.
I want to leave early, but I need to boss to tell me I can go.
I don’t think he will.

I’m planning an update for The SunTemple in the next few days. I’ll have some new quotes of both the roleplay and regular varity. I also plan to throw up a few icons that I’ve been working on.

Stay tuned.

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