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Wednesday April, 28 2004

Still here

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I haven’t blogged in a while so I thought I’d update just a bit.
I’m still working on getting an update together.
What I really want to do is work more on Monkey King’s Shrine, but I need to read the books I bought first.
(Please note that I have a “To Read Next” list about a mile long.)
I want to make more icons but I have to scan the pictures first. I also want to get back into the swing of making wallpapers but that’s meeting with a limited success.

I’ve rediscovered MUDDing and I’m happy that I have. The Last Outpost is still a great place even with the odd little clan war going on right now. I created a new character and then found out my old character hadn’t been deleted. The old characters is 112 years old and therefore not all that useful, but I’m starting again!
The MUD also eats up time that I should be doing other things.

I’ve also discovered a MUD type thingy in a game called Kingdom of Loathing. It’s a broswer based MMORPG that behaves a bit more like a mud with stick figure graphics. It too, is a lot of fun.

Then there’s PhantasyRPG it’s a rather new free browser based MMORPG, but still a lot of fun.

I’m also up to my eyeballs in work both at work and at home. All of this makes for less updates. I hope to be back on track soon.

Tuesday April, 20 2004

My family and holidays

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I swear my family has this thing about dying on holidays.
A few planned updates will be delayed at least until next week while I attend services.

Friday April, 16 2004

Random Ramblings at Work

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It may be a full house here at the office today, so I’m not looking forward to that and my browser based MMPORG looks to be down. *sniff*
I wish I could find a workable and free MUD client for a Mac. I know that there are a few, but none of them can be minimized quickly and most of them only work well with OS 10, which the computer I use doesn’t have.

Now for a topic change.
I need to design a rotating schedule for my stories and other projects.
I’m thinking of using the one I had in High School. 7 days A - G with maybe one hour or two blocks worked out on them. In each of these blocks I would place the name of a project, either one of my stories, or one of the websites. I would then apply these letter days to my calendar and go from there. If I managed to force myself to stick to it I might actually get something done.

Sunday April, 4 2004

Monkey Part II

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I finished most of the revamping over at Monkey’s Shrine. You can check it out.

Saturday April, 3 2004


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I updated Monkey’s Shrine over at The SunTemple.

I’m trying to streamline that site a little bit and add more information to the various sections.

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