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Thursday May, 27 2004

Brain Dead

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I’m sure I’ve complained about how people call up looking for Sharky’s Grill. The other day I got a slightly different version of that phone call.
People just don’t listen when I answer the phone.
Me: “Name of Lawfirm”
Person on line: May I speak to a bartender please?

Do many bars answer the phone like this?

Saturday May, 22 2004

Four New Wallpapers

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You read that subject line right. After a long dry spell
The SunTemple got four new wallpapers today. So go check out my new J-Pop section featuring Gackt.
Shall I also mention the two new Gackt icons which can be found in the misc section?

In other news, I spent this morning helping to install a water pump in the rain with mosquitos.
The good news: The pump does indeed pump and I don’t seem to have any bites.
The bad news: The pump leaks and therefore cannot gather enough power to pump the water to the house.

This will hopefully be fixed soon.

Friday May, 21 2004

The Draft

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Check out what the government is trying to slip past us now.

The government is trying to bring back the draft and this time there will be fewer ways to escape.

Please read the link and forward the story to people you know. Don’t let them pass this one with a Nation left in the dark.

Thursday May, 20 2004

Update type thing

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The SunTemple has been updated with twelve new Journal icons and a brand new looking links page.
I’ve got six new Chobits, two Final Fantasy, and two misc.

It was a good day off, thank you.

Monday May, 17 2004

w00t! It passed!

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It’s good news.
Gay Marriage is Legal in MA.

It’s a step forward for equal rights.

I just hope people don’t get stupid in 2006.

Saturday May, 15 2004


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I told you I wasn’t dead.
The SunTemple updated. Enjoy eight new journal icons.
I’ve also got two stories in the works, but I don’t know if the first of the two will be up on the sight today.

I also posted one of the icons I made sometime ago, you can see it if you look to the right. It’s a fun icon, but alas it is too big for any journal so I’m going to use it here.

Tuesday May, 11 2004

Working on it

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The SunTemple isn’t dead. New updates are pending.

Tuesday May, 4 2004

A Gas Station Story

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The rising gas prices here in the States have many of us wondering how high it can go. I’m no exception. Whereas I used to be loyal to one brand of gasoline, I now shop around to see who has the cheapest prices.

Oh, don’t worry, this is a happy story.

I drive an hour to get to work every morning and thus I usually get gas once to twice a week depending on the traffic. (I spend on average about $100.00 a month. I want a hybrid, but can’t afford it yet.) I used to go to the Sunoco near my house, but they’ve gone up to nearly $1.80 and its still rising.
As I get off the Turnpike there’s a Gibbs station and their gas has been pretty cheap. Recently its been about $1.74. Like the cheapskate I am, I stop there in the mornings on my way to work when I need gas.

A few days ago I stopped to fill up because even though I had a half a tank of gas I was driving to Bennington and I needed a full tank. I pulled in, and started fueling.

You can imagine my surprise and puzzlement when the gas pump clicked off as if I had a full tank when it read only $3.13.
I stared. $3.13 wasn’t a full tank of gas by a long shot. I walked up the counter, attempting to be honest, and explained. They told me to try the other pump and so I did. It clicked off almost immediately. Puzzled, I turned on my car and the gas gauge climbed to full. I stared for a few more minutes and then walked up to the window. I reported what two pumps I had been using. “I’m pretty sure that my car doesn’t only need $3.46 worth of gas, there must be something wrong with the pump.”
The man smiles and shrugs. “Your tank reads full right?”
I nod, he replies. “$3.46 please.”
Hey, I had tried to be honest.

What luck! A half tank of gas for only $3.46! The gods smile upon me!

My gas guage isn’t broken, because when I stopped in Bennington I had to pay the usual price for about nine gallons of gas, somewhere close to $15.00.

This morning I stopped to get gas again. The pump where I had met good fortune was closed, so I drove around to another one, sure that I would pay the normal fee for gas.
I started fueling only to have the pump stop at $4.13.
I stared, smiled, replaced the pump and walked up the counter.
“I think your pumps read wrong.” I know I should just hush up and take my good luck, but I do feel the need to be honest.
The man looks at my total. He shrugs. “$4.13, please.” He says.

I really like this gas station.
I know eventually they’ll fix the pumps, but until then I’ll just count myself lucky.

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