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Tuesday June, 29 2004

Warning, bad pun ahead

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Hey, check it out, the best way to Car Pool ever!

The only reason this is so funny is because no one was hurt.
It’s a great picture though. I should make an icon or something.


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Interesting new things:
C2, the new half carb version of Coca-Cola isn’t half bad. In my opinion it tastes better than diet.

I also picked up Harry Potter, on tape, from my local library.
You know, the book is ten times better when its being read to me, I don’t know why. Of course, I haven’t really gotten to the point that drives me nuts yet.
At about one tape per day I can finish book one in just six working days, as opposed to taking two weeks to get through it.
I’m wondering how many tapes or CDs the other books are going to be, those things are huge.

And finally, I am now drinking my tea with no sugar.
Yay me.

I want to bake muffins. Although those have plenty of sugar in them. Just can’t win.

Monday June, 28 2004

It’s something anyway

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I went ahead and tossed up three journal icons that I made on request.
It’s not much, but its something. I’ve hit a creative block rather hard recently. I’m hoping it passes soon. I have a record that I want to break.

Thursday June, 17 2004

One Year Old

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My suntemple domain is one year old today.

No special celebrations and not even an icon to show for it.
Oh well, it’ll be a milestone even if it is just a plain one with no streamers.

Tuesday June, 15 2004


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I’m really bad at keeping track of dates.

The SunTemple turned one year old in January.

I opened my webpage January 20, 2003 over at Infragilis, when my good buddy Nick offered me webspace. He still hosts the SunTemple Mirror because he’s so cool.

My site opened up with wallpapers and quotes and that was it. It slowly expanded, eventually adding my Shadowgate novelization. After 7 months at Infragilis I was hooked on the whole domain thing and obtained my own domain name. The site moved to its current home on June 17, 2003.

Although, Nick was, and still is, an uber cool person and DM he never limited me on space, which was good. My images folder took up more space than his whole site. He told me not to worry, but I was still afraid that I was taking up too much space. Besides, having your own domain is just nifty.

I now have wallpapers, avatars, quotes, a shrine to Monkey King, a hosted site: Moon Dragon Studios, fan fiction, and magical items for dice and paper gamers.

The long and the short of it is in just two days The SunTemple will have spend one year at its own domain.

Cool huh?

The fun thing is I won’t have a new layout to celebrate. I have no time for such things. My biggest project with the site right now is getting ready to change it over, or change it back to a table layout. The CSS thing is just getting on my nerves at this point. If I’m lucky I’ll manage to upload a wallpaper.

So yeah. w00t!

New Gackt CD

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Highly enjoyable, even if I don’t understand more than three words at a time.
It’s especially amusing to listen to him sing in English, although his accent is better than most.

I’m most amused by the fact that I can play Vanilla over and over again. To understand why, you might want to take a look at the translation. If this song were in English it wouldn’t be work safe. It’s great.

This makes me want to haul all my HOT CDs to work.

Monday June, 14 2004


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I have just beaten Filemaker into submission.

*Does a victory dances, passing several confused and startled attorneys.*

Oh yeah, baby!

Gas Station Holiday?

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Did anyone else go out to get gas today and find out that about half the gas stations are closed?

I went to the one near to my house that usually opens at six and it was closed. I then tried to go to my favorite one with the magic pumps off the mass pike, but that one was closed as well. I drive up Rt. 9 for a while and most of the gas stations along it were closed. I finally found an open Mobil station in Westborough.

Did I miss a memo somewhere?

What worries me is that if they’re still closed when I start on my drive home it means that we’re running out of gas and that’s a scary thought.

Tuesday June, 8 2004

Purple hair

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I’m thinking of dying my hair purple, except not purple because I have black hair and I have no intention of bleching it.
The box seems to say that it’ll still look purple.
I guess there’s no harm in trying, right?
Worst come to worst I have really black hair with a purpleish glint in the sun.

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