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Thursday July, 29 2004

Yay! I was wrong!

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I’m wrong so far anyway. The traffic this week, so far, hasn’t been the nightmare that I was expecting it to be. w00t!

Now, it can just stay like this until the end of the week.

Tuesday July, 27 2004


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Going home last night was surprisingly easy. I guess after all the wailing and moaning, most people decided to stay home.

I’m not sure it’s going to be easy sailing for the rest of the week though. It stands to reason that a lot of people may have taken a long weekend. It also stands to reason that a ton of people will hear about how the roads weren’t all that bad and will return to work today, thus making the commute hellish from today onwards. Of course, it could stay nice and easy for the rest of the week. That would be nice. If it does get hellish I’ve got enough books on tape to keep me entertained.

I got the title to the car for my birthday last night. The car has technically be mine for some time now, but I guess I never really expected to actually legally own it. I do now. It’s kinda odd to think about. Gilgamesh is all mine. Now, I just have to wait out the warrenty and figure out about the sales tax before I ran out and pick up my Enkidu plates. In case you’re wondering Sun Wu’Kung doesn’t fit on a plate.

Monday July, 26 2004

One new wallpaper

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For my birthday I made a wallpaper for, well, me bascially. Go one over to The SunTemple and hop in to the Final Fantasy section for one new wallpaper of Vincent from Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

Yeah. Good stuff.

Happy Birthday to me

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Another year older.

I have a wallpaper that I’m going to put up when I get home.
Yep, that’s right, a birthday gift to myself.
Yeah, at 23 I’m still fawning over video game characters.
Actually, not really, I’m fawning over the thought of what the DVD of Final Fantasy: Advent Children is going to look like.
I cannot wait to get my paws on that, I wonder when/if they’re going to release it in the US.

Oh, and while I’m at it, anyone have any code for CSS that works?

Saturday July, 24 2004

OMG an update!

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Yeah, just about a month since I last updated my site I have one new wallpaper and three new journal icons.
I know, I know, don’t die of shock.
My birthday is coming up and I’m hoping to have more wallpapers and/or icons up at that time.
Who knows, maybe I’ll even put up some Harry Potter fic for you.
Yes, yes. I know, I need to finish the Utena story.

Oh, I’m at level 10 in Dragon Warrior, just got the Magic Keys, just in case you wanted to know.

Tuesday July, 20 2004


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I’m boring.

I work, I go home, I play videogames, I check email….
Yeah, that’s about it.

No new icons or wallpapers because I seem to be devoting all my creative energies towards a fic I’m working on. And now that I’ve finished reading most of the Harry Books (just one more to go), I think its safe to announce that I’m working on a Harry Potter fic.

I’m not sure when its taking place, but it is slightly AU, so hopefully that will give me a bit of playspace when it comes down to timing. (Hopefully)

In gaming news I’ve started playing Dragon Warrior again. Yep, that’s the first one, on all its 8-bit glory. I’ve loved all of the Dragon Warrior games except for two which drove me crazy (Dragon Warrior IV was the best one, if you can find it, get it, you won’t be sorry), yet I’d forgotten just how long the first game actually is. Its not long in the “tons and tons of stuff to do” sense, but long in the “It takes forever to level up!” sense.

The monsters give out a pittance in exp and gold, yet they will kick the ever-loving crap out of you. My poorly armed warrior is even now making his/her way towards the cave in order to be roasted alive by a Green Dragon.
I’m sure that the DragonLord is shaking in his pixilated boots.

Tuesday July, 6 2004


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We talked about Firefox. I don’t really find the browser all that great, but its better than getting a nasty virus from internet explorer.

Today’s plug is for Thunderbird.
It’s something to use besides Outlook Express and Eudora and just like Firefox, not all that great. It does work, however, unlike my Outlook Express, so right now it’s looking pretty spiffy. There’s a few things that I can’t do, like tell it to check all my email boxes at the same time, but I’m sure I’ll figure out how to make it work better.

If you’re a fan of Firefox you can go ahead and grab its email companion Thunderbird.

Friday July, 2 2004


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I think I’ll just post this link so people have an easy place to find it. I’m sure everyone’s heard of some nasty viruses that can infiltrate your computer through Internet Explorer. (A whole lot of them probably.) I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry, so I went ahead and downloaded FireFox.

I’m not sure exactly what the big deal is, I’m not as happy with this browser, but what’cha gonna do? The best part is that it comes with a pop up blocker that’s very easy to customize. Ahhh, it’s almost worth some of the silly interface to be able to surf the web in blissful pop up free peace.

Yes, go grab this free, hopefully safe, browser.


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