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Tuesday August, 31 2004

A day is a day is just another day

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I did a lot of things that needed doing today including taking my car to get its lube and oil. I know, I’m very exciting.

In other news I helped a newbie in KoL and they actually said thank you! I like helping newbies but I like it even better when they acknowledge the fact that I do indeed exist. You know? It’s like giving some level one character on Everquest a bit of gold to help them out and they just walk off. Yeah. I’ve made it a point to help out new players when I see them and most don’t say thank you and just message me begging for more stuff and they don’t even bed in English! “u giv more plz?” Yeah. Learn to spell and I might consider it pal. This person will get lots more help from me because they actually took the time to send me a thank you! Actually this person will probably get a lot more help then they bargained for. *insert evil laughter*

Ahh, my good deed for the day!

Random note to myself. Must remember to call old place of employment to try and get stuff back. My old boss has already called to tell me that she was trying to send it to me but I’m wondering if I can get it back early so that I can have the water boiler thing when I go out to West Stockbridge. Hey if I have that, if all else fails we can have oatmeal and/or ramen.

Saturday August, 28 2004

More updates and Spammer banned

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I’m a tiny bit of an updating fiend aren’t I? Not too shabby, I think. I’m nowhere near what I used to do but I’m making a comeback.

At any rate I’ve got four new icons today, one Final Fantasy and three Utena so you can go ahead and enjoy those.

I banned the ip address of that spammer that was leaving comments on my journal and so far it seems to have ended the trouble but if anyone who hasn’t been spamming the journal can’t comment, just drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Friday August, 27 2004

Batman vs the Pink Flamingo!

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I went out last night with a friend and as we sat near the Common we noticed Batman on a little scooter. Batman was then jumped from behind by a pink flamingo. Sometimes, I love the city. There were also two girls following that strange duo and one had a video camera so I assume that the whole thing was for a project of some kind.

Then we went and saw Spiderman 2 which tried really really hard to be a great movie. I’d say it managed to be just a good movie. The special effects were very good but there were just lots of tiny little problems with the script and some of the situations. I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it so I won’t rant.

After the movie we were once again sitting near the Common when this women came up to us almost in tears. It was very sad, she’d lost her money and no one would talk to her. Well, that late at night near the Commons I wasn’t surprised, but she was from out of state and stuck. I’ve been stuck without a way home before and its awful so I gave her $2 so she could get home on the train and Vinny gave her some change so she could call someone. She was so grateful she wanted to hug us. I really thing she was lost, the poor thing.

Something I ate last night just didn’t agree with me, I think it was the burger. So much for the Rattlesnake cafe. It was not a happy morning.

Wednesday August, 25 2004

One new wallpaper

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Dum de dum. Just one new wallpaper over at The SunTemple that you can find in the misc anime section.
I’m not sure who she is since I’ve never watched X but it was a very nice picture. CLAMP is good for that kind of thing.

Tuesday August, 24 2004

Another two Saiyuki Wallpapers

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Anyone who cares about The SunTemple updates be advised that I added two new Saiyuki Wallpapers.

Monday August, 23 2004

Just a day, with an update

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I would say that today has been a reasonably good day. I didn’t do much but I still feel good about today. Not sure why.

At any rate, I updated The SunTemple with two new Gensumaden Saiyuki wallpapers. I just recently found out that the name in Japanese is actually a pun. Saiyuki does mean “Journey West” but the way that its written for this particular anime it would actually translate “Journey to the Extreme” which is a bit silly but it does explain the extreme characters. Or rather, it explains the personality transplants that all the characters received. The Tang Monk is a chain smoking, foul mouthed, gun wielding manic, Son Goku is about twelve years old and eats everything in sight, Pig is an even tempered hand to hand combatant who’s only real vice is sake and gambling, and Sand Monk is one of those guys who does nothing but hit on girls. I’d say Journey to the Extreme is a good title.

Sunday August, 22 2004


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So I spent most of the morning baking and the results are mostly ok. The cookies didn’t come out as well as I had hoped but they’re the first batch I tried to make so I think next time I’ll nail it. The apple muffins came out very good but I think I actually prefer the blueberry muffins, and the facciaco came out delicious of course. I’m pretty proud of this batch. Yay! I’m domestic!

Saturday August, 21 2004

A list for you!

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I added a list that’s been kicking around my hard drive for a couple of years to my website.
Yes, I’m evil. Just you wait until I get my H.O.T. list uploaded.


Friday August, 20 2004

Dance, Voldo, Dance

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You want to see something amazing and yet disturbing? You want to laugh or perhaps run screaming away from your computer?
Of course you do.
So watch Voldo Dance to Nelly’s “It’s Hot in Here.”

Some people have too much time on their hands but hey, at least they share the fruits of their boredom with the rest of the internet world.

Thursday August, 19 2004

Baking and other Things

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For all those folks out there cutting down on their sugar I am here with a nice bit of news. Splenda does not taste like ass when you bake with it and it’s got a one for one ratio with sugar.

I made some blueberry muffins with it the other day and they were very yummy. Next I’m going to try baking cookies with it.

I’m still looking for a job and right now I’m thinking of a part time job. Of course part time jobs mean no benefits and I do need benefits.

And yes, I am working on more content for Suntemple. Stay tunned.

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