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Tuesday September, 28 2004

Rainy Days

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You know, rainy days are good days for curling up with tea, a blanket, a snoozing cat, and working on all those fics, stories and projects that need doing.

Ahhh, this is nice. Now I just need a job.

Monday September, 27 2004

On a roll

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Would you look at that? I’ve updated The SunTemple with six new icons, five from the new movie Hero. Don’t worry, no spoilers but its a great movie! Very pretty!

Sunday September, 26 2004

That’s where they went!

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I bet you were wondering what happened to those Utena icons, well here they are! Check it out, I’ve got five of them and one other that’s sitting around in General Misc. Check them out. You know where.

Friday September, 24 2004

Quotes update

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Just a quick update to let everyone know I updated the quotes page over at The SunTemple. Enjoy!

Thursday September, 23 2004

Hey! An update!

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Hey hey hey, I updated The SunTemple with 12, yep count’em 12 Journal Icons and nary an Utena icon in sight!



*Ahem* All 12 can be found in the Misc Anime Section. Go check ‘em out. Who knows when I’ll update again? The Shadow probably, but he’s not telling.

Wednesday September, 22 2004

A new kind of RPG

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You want a different kind of RPG? I know you do. You’ve probably had it up to here with hunting for crystals, saving kingdoms and chasing dragons. You say you have? Great!

How about a RPG where you hunt for porn and harness the power of memes? One where you eventually fly around in a Zig? (For great Justice!) Interested?


What if I tell you the name of the game is called Sensible Erection? Got your attention now? Good. Go give it a shot.

I downloaded it on a whim and its oddly engaging. It’s not your typical RPG but it’s got a good plot, engaging gameplay and a new kind of class system. Go for some l337 karma. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Tuesday September, 21 2004

Finally Done!

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I just finished a two day long rehash of the CDA website. Hopefully now it will work. Stupid CSS.

To bring everyone up to date on the cooking, I did manage to cook the apple crisp without massive amounts of smoke and I thought it came out really yummy. Everyone else was less than over joyed but at least they liked it. I also seem to be a roll with my chili. Everyone loves my chili.

I’m still looking for a job. I’m beginning to dislike the phrase: “Oh, I’m sorry, but you’re over qualified for this position.”
Why, yes, I am, but I’m also broke.

Tuesday September, 14 2004

Kitchen Curse

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I’ve never been known to be a good cook. My cooking skills are best exemplified by Akane Tendo of Ranma 1/2, i.e. when I’m in the kitchen there’s a good chance something is going to explode. Recently however, against all odds I’ve managed to bake several things with great to mild success.
The muffins came out much better then anticipated and although the chocolate cookies were a bit funky I’m going to chalk that one up to the Splenda and not me. (Everyone else seemed to think they were excellent.) My Focaccio always seems to turn out absolutely delicious.

So today I decide to venture back into the kitchen and gain a few more experience levels in my Oven Mastery Skill. We have lots of apples that are about to go bad so I decide that an apple cake is in order. Everything seems to be going along fine at first but as I progress to the point of no return I discover that I have several problems. The first is that the Splenda I’ve substituted for sugar seems to have made the batter thicker than normal so it doesn’t pour as easily. I the second problem is that I have far too many apples prepared. I forge on ahead thinking that I’ll just make one layer of apples extra thick. The result is not a well made looking cake. It’s a hell of a lot of apples in very little batter. A bit worried I decide to pop it in the oven. The whole cake is going to rise, perhaps it can be saved. It worked a bit but the apples didn’t remain in their layers and instead they all sake to the bottom and outer edges. All in all it’s not a bad cake, just not as good as I’m used to my apple cakes turning out.

Still undaunted I aquire a recipe for apple crisp and I decide to make this. It seems simple enough. Put apples in pan and layer the rest of the ingredients over the top and then bake. I turn on the oven to preheat and start slicing up my apples. Moments later smoke is billowing out of the oven. I panic, turn the oven off and open doors and windows. I pull the oven open to discover that something has spilled onto the bottom of the oven and is smoking madly. Once the smoke clears I notice a large and mysterious brownish stain. Did this strange stain come from the apple cake? I have no idea what it is or how it happened but it seems my curse has returned.

So now I wait until the oven cools down so I can clean it and then I try again tomorrow. Hopefully smoke won’t come billowing out of the oven this time.

Sunday September, 12 2004

Another one Bites the Dust

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Anyone who’s been around me knows about my strange like of Korean Pop bands. All of my friends had to live with me when H.O.T broke up after five odd years. I was disappointed but hopefully not distressed to the point of annoying everyone around me. Hopefully. It was the end of an era, I mourned and then I got over it.

Anyway, after the breakup three of the former members formed their own band called JTL and the remaining two went solo. I’m not much interested in Kang Ta since he sounds like a lounge singer so I focus on JTL and Moon Hee Jun. Yay! Everything is fine and dandy. I get online today to discover that JTL has apparently broken up too. I mean they only had three albums of which one was just a greatest hits album. Tony and Jae Won are both releasing their own album as soon as October. The hell? When did that happen? Oh well, guess it was bound to happen eventually but good lord I need to pay more attention.

Saturday September, 11 2004

The Week in Review

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They say that time flies when you’re having fun and in retrospect it did but somehow it seemed like a nice long time.

At any rate I’ll have to relate all that’s happened in the week on one giant post so I’ll cut for those who don’t care.

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