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Monday November, 15 2004


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My car sat dead in front of my house yesterday, but today it runs now to the tune of $100.
The battery was so dead the man who came called it junk. It was very very dead but I knew that.

I called AAA today since it would have useless to call anyone on Sunday because I figured it would need to be towed. No one would be open on a Sunday so I waited. When I called they told me you could buy batteries from them running from $85 to $100 but they would have at least a five year warranty. That’s how old the old battery was so I thought that would be the best thing.

My new battery has a 6 year warranty with a 2 year replace for free clause and it’s pro rated after that. That’s not so bad.
My car runs, the man tested the battery and it works just fine he was also nice enough to check the air in my spare tire and then pump it up for me.

The car runs and that’s the important thing. The next thing on my list will be four new tires since those two are about five years old but one major expense at a time.

Saturday November, 13 2004

SunTemple update

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One new icon in the Final Fantasy section and one new wallpaper located in two sections. A super sized version is located on the 1680×1050 page and the regular sized versions can be found on the misc page. Have fun.

Hmmm? Need a link? To lazy to look at the side bar? Fine.

More snow

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Several inches of it this time. The plow and sanding trucks went by this morning. I still stand behind my statement that it shouldn’t snow like this until after Thanksgiving.
I dug around in this mound of snow until I found my car. It started so I’m happy.
Now for more tea and some Kingdom of Loathing.

Friday November, 12 2004

It’s snowing

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Just thought I’d inform everyone who reads this that it’s snowing here right now.
Damnit, can’t it wait until after Thanksgiving?

Wednesday November, 10 2004

Good day

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So far today is a good day.
I haven’t been sleeping very well of late but today I woke up to a sunny and bright room after a very restful sleep. I started off my morning with a relaxed and yummy breakfast. Then I went upstairs to check my email and lo and behold I was being offered a second chance bid on an item I had been outbid on (by a lot) sometime ago. The price he was asking was for the max bid I had placed which was far less then what he normally sells it for (this was a No Reserve Auction). Feeling rather pleased with myself I headed into town.

My first stop was the book store and they had the book I was looking for and I got %25 off my purchase. Yay! Then I checked my wallet and realized that I had an old gift card for a different bookstore. I couldn’t remember how much was on it but I figured it must be a low amount so I went to that bookstore and looked around. Their mythology section was a sad and small thing but I found the Da Vinci code. It’s in hardback but it was %20 off. I’ve always wanted to read it and I haven’t been able to get it out of my local library yet so I picked it up. I got to the register and handed them my gift card which turned out to have a little less than $9 on it. Yay!

So yes, I’m feeling rather good about today.

Tuesday November, 9 2004

Icons too

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I just added a few icons to The SunTemple. Just a few Final Fantasy and one Hero base.

How long was that gone?

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I fixed the Wallpaper section over at The SunTemple. How long was my Monkey section gone? Why doesn’t anyone tell me these things? Oh well.
I fixed up all the pages, moving the wallpapers around a bit so that the pages are more even. I also added three new wallpapers for people who work in a larger resolution. Enjoy.

Friday November, 5 2004

A summer house on the moon?

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I wish I were kidding.

Own Land on the Moon. Yes, that’s right for as little as $29.99 an acre you can own land on the moon. What worries me most is the little: “As seen on CNN” on the left and the constant claims of being legal. How is it legal to own land on the moon?

What next?
Build your own terraformed Winter Residence on Mars? WallMart opens a new Luner location?

Wednesday November, 3 2004

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Everyone buckle down for another four years of hell. Wave goodbye to all the rights you took for granted because when Bush is done no one will have any rights.

Tuesday November, 2 2004

Small Update

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A smallish update at The SunTemple as I’m trying to distract myself from the election day coverage. They’re all over in the misc anime section.

I’ll go back to chewing my nails now.

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