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Friday December, 31 2004


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I’m seriously thinking of disallowing comments totally on this journal. *sigh*
I’ll wait and see if the system evens out a bit.

Thursday December, 30 2004

Important Annoucement!

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Due to the massive amounts of spam I’ve gotten on my blog I’ve changed the commenting system. You can now only comment on the most recent entry of my journal. I still have approve the comment so make sure you only post once.
Everytime I post a new entry I will go back and Disallow comments on the previous entry.

Thank you. That is all.

Life After Roses: Chapter 1 repost

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I updated The SunTemple last night. I took down Life After Roses and reposted Chapter 1. All the chapters, including the brand spanking new Chapter 3 are in the process of getting a good beta. I should have them all up soon. Thanks for waiting.

Tuesday December, 28 2004


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It was a small but good Christmas again this year.
I got money which will be very useful in a few weeks!

I also picked up a Sushi kit. o.O
My favorite gift this year has to be Myst. Just as soon as I get it to work on my computer I’ll be crying in frustration because the puzzles are hard.

Oh, and it’s official. I’m making my first move to VA sometime between Jan. 25 and Jan. 27th. I’ll be house-sitting and then I’ll be coming back up sometime in April to rent a truck and move the rest of my things down.

Thursday December, 23 2004

A fanfiction update

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You read that title right. Today over at The SunTemple I have put up my new Harry Potter fic and new Quotes for your amusement. That should tide you all over until I manage to get up Life After Roses.

Tuesday December, 21 2004

Just a Note

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I’ve sent off Life After Roses to my beta reader but she’s sick so it may take a little longer than expected to get it back. Don’t pressure her, she’ll get it back to me in due time. In the meantime I’ll have a Draco/Harry short PWP up in a few days. Hopefully that’ll hold you all over.
All? More like the three people interested in that story.
And I love every single one of you! MUAH!

Oh! One last thing.
I heard this on TV today and it’s just about the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a bit.
“Brought to you by Mountain Dew! The people that brought you Mountain Dew!”

Is that second sentence really necessary?

Monday December, 20 2004

Cold Cold Cold

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It’s really cold today. How cold is it? It’s so cold my windshield wipers froze to the windshield of my car. Yep that’s pretty darn cold. I think it’s about 11 degrees outside.

My cat and I are both under the covers trying to stay warm. Smokey is snoring away and I’m doing a bit of work on Life After Roses. That’s right, Utena fans, I’ll be done with Chapter 3 in (hopefully) just a few hours. I plan to take down and the repost chapters 1 and 2 because both of them are in bad need of a beta edit. I’m aiming to have them all up and posted by the end of the week. I’m also thinking of posting the Draco/Harry fic I’ve been working on but my beta needs to get at it first.

Sunday December, 19 2004

Yule Update!

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Hi there everyone. Can you believe that I’ve updated The SunTemple? Just in time for yule I have one new Utena wallpaper, in all sizes, and 10 new icons. 9 are Utena icons, three of those are bases and one is a Nemi icon. Happy Yule and Seasons Greetings to all!

Friday December, 17 2004

A Promise of Pie

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Still no pie but there is the promise of pie. Yay!

Plans for the move have changed slightly. I won’t be taking everything down with me in January. I’ll be taking some of my stuff and moving into the house we’ll be house sitting and then once we have an apartment worked out I’ll be returning for the rest of my stuff some 2 to 3 months later. Hopefully everything will go as planned.

In other news I should really stop opening up my old stories. I have some things that are probably a good 10 years old. I have an old Furcadia story for goodness sake! Yes. I once went to Furcadia. Mind I was on there a good 10 or 11 years ago when it was new. I haven’t played in years but that’s not the point. The point is that I should put these old things on a CD or Zip Disk and forget about them. I should not open them up in a misguided attempt to salvage them.

Thursday December, 16 2004


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Well, still no pie but I figure I’ll be able to talk someone into it eventually.

I’m sure some of you remember why I moved away from Movable Type (yes they do spell it without the “e”). They had abonded their free service but more to the point spammers had found a way to spam the comment boxes. An old and now defunct group journal I’m still registered with gets about 50 spam comments a day. I know because they email themselves to my inbox. Until I figure out how to make it let me not get email notification my Junk Mail filter will just have to handle it. The point of all this would be that all of a sudden I got about seven spam comments a few days ago. No one saw them because on this journal I have to approve a comment before it goes live. (Don’t let that stop you from commenting, unless your a spammer chances are your comment will be posted.) Needless to say I was rather irked but I deleted said commets and oddly enough I haven’t gotten any since. Anyone out there know what’s going what’s going on?

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