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Sunday February, 27 2005

The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful

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The past few days we’ve been having one day of weather in the almost 70 degree range and then it drops back down to the teens. I’ve enjoyed those bouts of warm weather but the constant changing has given me a nice little cold. It means lots of tea and a hacking cough that I really can’t do much about except for drink more tea, take vitamins and hope I don’t give it to J.

First day of something tomorrow, we’ll see if I’m hired or not. A job’s a job, right? It pays the bills.

The cows seem to have left the yard. I guess the camera flash scared them off for good. Oh well, the less I have to worry about cow patties the better. The cows have vanished but our bathroom has become the den of the beast. Wasps are everywhere! They’re all dying because of the cold but 15 wasps in the bathroom, dive bombing your shower is no fun. One little bastard hid inside one of the towels as I was folding it and stung me three times on the hand! Good thing I’m not allergic. I’m fine now but I watch those buggers whenever I’m in the bathroom now. The infestation of ladybugs I can handle but I wish we could just make the wasps vanish.

Wednesday February, 23 2005

Cows, the proof!

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So, as I promised, I finally got the pictures developed and now I shall share with you the joys of my new (temporary) home.
Ok, first up we have the house.

It’s a very nice house, as you can see. Very sunny although very cold in the mornings. I imagine this will be a blessing come summer but in the meantime I’ve named the house, “The Cold Morning Dwelling” and pasted the Chinese characters all over the place. The final step is to make a couplet to go with the inscription.

I should present the cats as well, we’re taking care of three of them.

This is Antec, he’s a dear. I don’t have him doing anything cute because I wanted to make sure I had once picture of him on the roll. He’s the indoor/outdoor cat and usually smells faintly of skunk but we love him anyway.

And here we have Lydia and Anabob. Lydia is the loud, yet cute kitten, and Anabob is the lap cat to end all lap cats. She was sleeping on J’s chest this morning.

Now, the moment that you’ve all been waiting for. The cows in the yard.

Here is the ktiten, also amazed at the cows in our yard. I snapped this picture right around breakfast time. The cows have been showing up in the yard in the morning for the past few days. There are a lot of cows in Lexington, I pass whole herds of them every morning. Behind the grazing cows you will note the outhouse. Thankfully this house does have indoor plumping.

This one is just for giggles. I’ll leave you all to figure out the two reasons it’s funny.

And there you have it. Cows in the yard. Now, I have to move my car.

Sunday February, 20 2005

Cows III

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This morning there were two cows grazing right behind the house. I took a picture of them through the window, managing to include Lydia the kitten who’d jumped up to have a look. The pictures are coming soon. I’m taking the roll to get developed tomorrow.

My next mission will be to get a picture of a deer and a stag.

Saturday February, 19 2005

Cell Phone Woes and Neon Bamboo

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So here I am in the parking lot behind the place where J works, apparently I can get wireless internet out here. Nifty, eh? It’s not great internet but it’s an internet so I won’t be bored out of my mind. (I should be doing work, not surfing the net, but oh well.)

The Cell Phone saga is finally over. I think. I can’t change the number because there is no coverage here. None. Nada! Well, that’s not exactly true. There is coverage about 150 miles north of here but since I don’t plan on going north I’m a bit stuck. Blargh! It took me two weeks of calling to find this out? GRR! So I had to switch my calling plan to Nation Wide plan to avoid getting hit with roaming charges until my contract expires (another 9 months) at which point I have to switch carriers. Fun eh? So, my old cell number still works and will work for nine more months.

I went to this fun little gallery/shop today called Neon Bamboo and had a long conversation with the owner about Monkey King. Yes! Another Westerner who knows about Monkey King! It was so nice to talk to someone else who knows something about it! She even spoke a little Chinese so she understood my story about horse/mother instantly! At any rate she and her husband do pretty authentic Chinese art and the like. He does classical bamboo paintings on rice paper, which are just amazing. I bought a small inexpensive one but I’ve got my eyes on some of the larger prints, including one that she has done of an imperial garden. I’ve also got my eyes on a little Monkey King kite for $18. She assured me that if she didn’t have it when I came back she could most certainly get another. Monkey King is very popular after all. They even have a authentic two person tea table, which of course I want but will never ever be able to afford. I’ll have to come back when I have money and in the meantime I shall dream of my eccentric Chinese/Egyptian/Japanese house.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go write couplets for the inscriptions for the house and coo over my bamboo painting.

Friday February, 18 2005

More Cows

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So yesterday morning J and I are puttering around the kitchen making breakfast and plans to gather kindling from the woods around the house when she cries out that I need to get my camera. I reach for my camera, not really knowing what to expect and look out the window. There was a cow, happily grazing in the front yard. I did get a picture of it but I’ll need to get the roll developed before I can share that with you all.

Yes, cows in the front yard is pretty exciting around here and the cats being really really cute. I miss Smokey but I have Anabob who is a lap cat like I’ve never seen before. This morning I woke up and she was happily sleeping on my chest. She’s not even half as big as Smokey so it wasn’t bad.

Other than the cow nothing much out of the ordinary has been happening. We managed to almost finish graveling the driveway. I’m still job searching but what’cha gonna do. We’re going to check back at two places that I applied in the hopes that someone wants me to work. I haven’t started to really worry yet since we still have three months before things get crazy.

Tuesday February, 15 2005

And all that jazz

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I know that plenty of people don’t like Valentine’s day but I had a rather good one, thanks so very much. J and I took ourselves to the chocolate shop and bought ourselves one truffle each. They were delicious.

In other and perhaps more interesting news I went Contra dancing for the first time ever a few days ago. It’s a lot of fun but I got terribly dizzy being spun around. Contra dancing is a bit like square dancing with better music, people, and it’s far less complicated. The caller did a few square dances and I enjoyed watching everyone mess up.

I should tell you that I made a teeny tiny update to The SunTemple. Just three new Utena icons to share, but it’s something! The webpage front has been slow due to lack of time. My time is being eaten by job hunting and living in general. (Also video games but I’m not supposed to tell you that! Oh speaking of things that I’m not supposed to tell you about, I really miss my PS2 and Game Cube.) By some strange twist of fate I’ve been doing all of the cooking. I haven’t even blown up the kitchen! I seem to be a good cook. Fancy that.

Friday February, 11 2005


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Happy Birthday, mom.

Also Happy Birthday to J, and an one day late Happy Birthday to J’s Mom.

Also, it has come to my attention that they don’t use the milking cows for Hamburger or steak. So, no trips to the butcher shop. ;p

Wednesday February, 9 2005


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I don’t mind living in rural VA. The scenery is beautiful and the people are pleasent and helpful. I have to drive everywhere but it’s not so bad, I can take walks through beautiful wooded areas and the house I’m staying in is right on a little creek.

I’m not used to the cows. The cows are everywhere! I drive to town and pass several herds. It’s a bit nuts how many cows I see on a daily basis. I come into town today and a farmer goes by with a cattle truck full of cows. Cows in the fields, cows on the streets…
I like cows but the cows here are smart and a bit skittish. The only cows I’d ever met before were rather dumb and docile. The cows around here don’t seem to enjoy people at all.

I’m sure I’ll get over it but crikey! The cows are everywhere!

Well, on the bright side, I’ll know that the steak and hamburgers are fresh.

Tuesday February, 8 2005

Thrift Shopping

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I went shopping for kitchen supplies today. The thrift shop had a lovely little teapot but it was a bit out of the price range that I had to work with and the butter dish was a no go. See I broke part of the one we had, *sniff* so we’re using half of plastic one and I had thought to get a whole plastic one of something like it from the shop. No dice. They had one blue one but it was twice as wide and thus wouldn’t fit in our cabinet and it was ceramic, i.e. very breakable.

It was still a profitable day. For around $5 I came away with four place mats, 6 napkins, 4 wooden napkin rings, a tray, 3 cookie sheets, a spatula, a pizza cutter and a large glass jar (for storing flour).

Could I perhaps mention the wonderful weather that we’re having down here? It’s been sunny and in the 60s for the past few days. Lovely and warm.
I’m still adjusting to living here but I am slowly learning my way around so I haven’t gotten terribly lost yet.

That reminds me, I need to go pilfer the daily paper and check out the help wanted section. Back to the job hunt!

Sunday February, 6 2005

Pointless Blogging

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I have nothing new to report other than I’m still alive and we’re having lima beans for dinner tonight.

I love lima beans!

Now, I think I shall mention some of the delicious food here. We get farm fresh eggs here from a friend of J’s family. By farm fresh I mean, fresh out of this lady’s chickens. I have to say that they taste much better than the eggs I normally eat, i.e. the eggs bought at the supermarket. They’re also much larger. I have really no idea why either.

The other thing we get here are rolls of Amish butter. I have a love affair with this butter! It’s delicious! It’s creamy and yum! It’s also a lot cheaper in the long run, which is nice.

I also seem to be allergic to something down here. It’s odd, I’ll be fine for a while and then I’ll go someplace or move or maybe not change anything at all and I’ll start sneezing like mad. I’m not sure what it is, there’s not a lot of ragweed or anything. The only thing I can think of is tree pollen and I’ve never been allergic to that before and besides that it is February!

Why am I posting since useless information? Because I can!

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