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Wednesday March, 30 2005

Eggs and all that

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I hope everyone had a good holiday. Well, I hope everyone had a good warm day or something. Things are being passable. The woman we’re house sitting for wants us to stay for another couple of months and the job that we were hoping would open up did so we’re moving foreward once again.

I’m stilll using the parking lot for internet and I’m hoping that will change soon but we’ll see.
Must head off soon and work out in the field J’s mom.

Someone bite the ears off a chocolate bunny for me!

Friday March, 25 2005

The System is Down

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I haven’t been online in a bit because the local library got hacked and they shut off the wireless internet. It just means that I’ll have to plan my online time better since now it’s severely limited.

I’m working as fast as a I can to get things done when I’m able to get online. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with things and hopefully the library will be able to turn it’s wireless internet back on soon.

Tuesday March, 15 2005

Updates from the Den

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The Den of the Beast vanished for a bit, returned in smaller numbers and now seems to have contended itself with about four to five wasps.
I suspect the number may be a bit higher since I’ve caught a few in the kitchen and main part of the house but the fewer wasps in the bathroom the better.

Friday March, 11 2005

The Den of the Beast

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That’s what we’re calling the bathroom these days.

Around here sometimes in the winter you get bugs in the house. It’s not a huge problem, or at least, it wasn’t a huge problems. We’ve got about eleven ladybugs in the bathroom right now. That doesn’t sound so bad does it? No, of course not, I don’t mind ladybugs, they’re calm little creatures, don’t really bother you. Not really nice to have them crawling up the walls and then dying on you but they don’t do harm.

The problem is that we also have wasps in the bathroom. The highest count was in the 40s and it’s a very small bathroom. I think right now the count is hovering around 20 which is better than what it was but not where I’d like it to be. I’ve already been stung four times! Right now we’ve got an old fashioned wasp trap at work and hopefully that will do something. If this keeps up, I’m getting the Bug Killer and going on a rampage.

Thursday March, 10 2005

What can I say?

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I’m still alive. I’ve been better, but I have been worse.

The weather continues to be the same hot one day, cold the next it’s been for the past week. My cold has gotten a lot better but still hasn’t gone away completely. There are still lots of cows, although I have no new pictures to share.

We recieved a call from Bevy this past week and that was nice. It’s good to hear from people.

I finally made it to the library today and got some much needed work done so I’m feeling productive and hopefully the feeling will stick for a while. This is going to sound strange but I need to stop reading and get other work done. I’ve raided the library here for books related to China, Chinese Mythology and Monkey King. I’ve found a fair few, many more than I expected and I’ve been reading them non-stop. I also found a great book on Calligraphy, well actually four great books but the library here only has one. They are: “The Book of Bamboo,” “The Book of Orchid,” “The Book of Chrysanthemum,” and “The Book of Plum.” I want to get them but I’m not sure they are still in print and a search to several book sellers came up with costs ranging from $30 to $100. The four books originally cost $10 each and I’ve contacted the author in the hopes of discovering that I can still get them at that price. The descriptions of the four books are here. Any leads would be wonderful.

Thursday March, 3 2005

Never say Never

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Just when I think things may be looking up something else happens.

No things aren’t as bad as that makes it sound but I’m still having a hard time finding a job here. I went to the local store and discovered that my options there weren’t very good so the job hunt continues. It’s just very discouraging.

Nothing much else to report other than my cold has developed into a hacking cough. It seems to be getting a bit better. *knock on wood.*

Back to the grind.

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