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Thursday April, 28 2005

The Job Interview and Life is Good

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Another quick minor update. I had my job interview today and it seemed to go very well, at least I thought it did, but it remains to be seen.

I’ve stopped really trying to read the signs because usually you’re wrong. Sometimes you go for a job interview and it goes poorly yet they hire you within a few days, other times you go to an interview and they show you around the whole place, introduce you to everyone including the potted plants, point out the best tables in the break room and draw you a map to their favorite sub shops but you don’t get the job.

They were all happy to have met me and very friendly and I assume that they still have to interview other applicants and they said they’d get back to me in about ten days. I think it went well, I feel good about it, I did my best, so now I must leave it up to them and hopefully I’ll get the job.

It looks like it would be a job I would really enjoy. I would get to play with all sorts of new and techy toys. It’s only part-time, but that works for me. (I also must remember to call them and give them my new phone number.)

A new role play has been started and it’s lots and lots of fun. It’s actually going in a rather different direction from all the other characters and plots we have, so it’s a very nice change of pace.

I should also mention that a new friend of ours has lent us his PS2! This makes me very, very happy. It’s time to catch up on Legacy of Kain, and Bujingai, Devil May Cry and so forth.

In general I’m feeling much better about life. Yes, so life goes in and a very good way.

Tuesday April, 19 2005

Good News

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Not as good as I would like but still damn great news.

First off, as I think I shared before, the woman we were house sitting for gave us two more weeks at her place but we’ve now got another place lined up for the entire month of May and right into June. You say the word “house sitter” and people just flock to you, it’s great! It’s a really nice place the only real catch is that I have to learn how to use the riding lawn mower and mow the rather large lawn. I’ll also be mowing the lawn at the other house for a bit. I may be doing that tonight depending on how bushed I am after working in the garden.

I’ve also managed to figure out how to do web work from the library computer and while it’s no substitute for being able to use my own, I can do it and I don’t seem to get kicked off if I spend more than 30 minutes at one.

Thursday April, 14 2005

Mini update

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I thought I’d break the suspense and inform the world what I’d been up too, or not been up too as the case may be.

We’re still living in the house we were house sitting. The woman is going to Canada in May and so is letting us stay until she returns. We’re very happy about this.

There are lots of cows, calfs, cardinals but a distinct lack of cats since the owner of the house took them back to her studio to be with her for a bit. We still have Antec who’s just lapping up the affection.

On a more exciting note, today I get my hair cut down South for the first time. I’m a bit scared but I hope he’ll do a good job.

Wednesday April, 13 2005

Still Alive but without internet

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No, I’m not dead, just without good internet for a long, long time.

The wardriving is failing more often than not so I’m using the library computers for now. (Although the time limit is 30min I’ve been on here for about an hour and they haven’t kicked me off yet but I’m not going to push my luck.)

Two more resumes out and I updated a client’s page with notepad. I feel both oldschool and 1337!

Friday April, 1 2005

April Fool, sorta

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I got a phone call at 6am from my mom telling me to get up and feed the cat. Yeah, April Fool. I appreciate a good joke as much as the next person but I had to dash out of bed and run downstairs to answer the phone. I admit it, though, I’m amused.

Of course then I log on to find out that two girls that many of my friends at Bennington know fell out of a second story window. That, sadly, is not an April Fools joke. So love and glomps to all my Bennington Friends. There’s a small blurb on it here and news from the Bennington Banner can be found here.

As for me, I’m wearing my horns and half of my garb as I wander around Lexington. Let’s see how many people stare at me in the library today, shall we?

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