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Tuesday May, 31 2005

Home is where you hang your @

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So, once we sign the lease and pay our deposit we’ll have an apartment that will be ours for a year starting August 1.
It’s a really beautiful place, I’ll take some pictures once we move in but we’re very happy with it.

It’s located on a farm (yes, there are cows and yes this makes me happy) and it’s actually two apartments attached to each other but the owner won’t rent to undergrads so our neighbors will likely be law students or a professor. So no loud parties at ungodly hours of the night. It’s on well water so no water bills but the heat is electric and that’s expensive. (You win some you lose some.) But, oh and this is a happy, happy but, there is AC! Ahhh, on those hot humid days and nights we may slumber in joyous comfort!

Our current house sitting ends June 7 and and we’ll have one other house sitting job for two weeks and the rest of the time we’ll be staying with J’s parents. They don’t mind since they know we’ll be moving out on a set date. (Her mom is actually pleased with our stay because it means I’ll be able to help her in her garden in the mornings.)

The job is going well, I still love it. I work from 12pm until 4:30 now, I wish I had longer hours but a it is a job and it is a steady income and with this job we’re able to afford the apartment. And the car which just went into the shop, hopefully I’ll get a call today that will let me know exactly what huge amount of money I’ll be paying to have it fixed. Hopefully most of the work will be under warranty.

I’ll also be doing some work on my webpage today. Just a bit, no huge updates with massive quantities of wallpapers or icons (I might have one or two) or even story updates. (Sorry, I’ve been busy living and working which leaves very little time to make icons, wallpapers or even write. Have no fear, I have been doing a bit of writing. Life After Roses isn’t dead…yet.) But since I do start at 12 I’m able to get a bit of time in on the internet.

Life is good.

Tuesday May, 24 2005

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

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I’m not dead, I’m working!

I love my job, I really do, this is probably the best job I’ve had in along time.
I mean there are little things that bother me, but over all this job rocks.

I can wear sneakers. This makes me very happy.
I need more polo shorts. More importantly, I need more geeky polo shirts. Hmmm, I think Megatokyo has a polo shirt…

We’re still apartment hunting but it is looking very very good. I’ll know for sure tomorrow.


Saturday May, 7 2005

Pictures to share.

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On the heels of an updated I’ve finally gotten around to getting some film developed and getting the pictures onto my computer so I could post the good ones. There are seven good sized pictures for you to view so be warned. I’m sorry for those of you who might be viewing on dial-up.

I shall begin with the flooded out road. While we were staying at the house on Kerr’s Creek we had to cross the creek to get to the house. There were two ways, the long way, and the short way across a low bridge. The creek itself isn’t very deep so the low bridge was perfectly fine. Fine, that is, until the day the rains came! Actually the entire month of March, and here I was thinking it was March winds, silly me.
Just so you have a point of reference, this is what the road looks like normally.

See, nice low creek and a nice bridge wide enough for one car. There isn’t a lot of traffic on this road as you can imagine.

Now, behold the same creek with a lot more water.

High water you say? Road closed? I’m just wondering where the hell the road went!

Oh, there it is, under several feet of water. Fun. No getting across that bridge. Luckily there is another way around, it just takes longer.

And now, onto the cute cats!

Here we have Antec enjoy the sun and my purse.

And here we have Lydia and Anabob also enjoying the sun.

Finally we have Lydia deciding that Anabob is more comfortable than the cat house.

Anabob did not put up with this for long but the look on her face was pretty funny.

There you have it, more pictures from down South. I’ll have to remember to take the camera out and take pictures of our new house sitting job. It’s a really great place.


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A short announcement from the management:

I am now employed.

Thank you.

Yes, I got the job working for W&L in the Information and Technology Department. I am a very happy camper. It’s only been what? Four months?

Now all that’s left is to find an apartment but that’s the easy part. Hey! Stop that laughing!

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