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Thursday June, 30 2005

Here Comes Summer

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Ahh, the heat of summer.

It hasn’t been as bad as I’ve been dreading but I’m still not used to the heat and humidity this early in the year. Although, I’ve been told it’s hotter in Boston than it is here right now. (Heh. I escaped the blizzard and the heat wave! Go me!) I work in AC but as of right now I don’t live in AC and sleeping in hot humid weather is just not my cup of tea. Oh and did I mention the mosquitoes? The little blood suckers are out in force!

Also, in inane news I got stung by a bee on my toe and it’s swollen, sore, and itchy. You know, because you all needed to know that.

But it’s not all complaining. There was a sweat (sweat lodge) the other day and although I didn’t get into the lodge I did get to go swimming in the little pond which was loads of fun. I got everyone to promise to schedule the next one on a weekend so I can come and actually get to go into the lodge.

The cicadas were out last night and the fireflies around here are just amazing! They hover in the trees and it looks like lines and lines of flashing Christmas lights.

We’ve also got another short house sitting job in July. So yeah, things are good.

Wednesday June, 22 2005

New Wallpapers

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Two new 1680×1050 Utena wallpapers over at The SunTemple. I’m especially happy with the way they came out.

Does this mean, I’m *gasp* back to regular updates? I hope so.

In regluar old boring news: I still love my job and I wish it were August so we could move into our new place. Not that I don’t love where I am, I just miss having space. (And my own kitchen but that’s just because I really like to bake.) We’re living in one room with 85% of our stuff. (The other 15% is in the basement. ) There’s just no room for us in there. But enough of that.

Did I mention I love my job?

Friday June, 17 2005

Andre Norton, RIP

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I’m a bit behind on the news but I just found out that Andre Norton passed away in March.

I’m not devastated by it but I am sad. She was the first author (apart from Tolkien) that I really loved to read when I was young. Whenever I went to a book store I would scan the shelves for her name before I looked for anything else.

It makes me sad to see her go.

Geeky Icons

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Two new icons over at The SunTemple. Enjoy the geekness.

Tuesday June, 14 2005

Chugging Along

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I’m still here.

I did some minor work to the Monkey Shrine, nothing major, but at least I’m still working.

I’ve also got some site changes in the works, nothing really great, just some stuff to make the layouts run smoother and a seperate page for webclinents and the like. (Like I have the time to go and design more webpages.)

I expect to really get back into the internet swing of things once we’ve moved into our own place in August. I intend to get internet almost as soon as I move in. It’ll probably be a dial up but it will be internet. As it stands now I have to compete with five other people for the internet and getting to work early so I can bring my laptop and work in the library is getting more and more difficult.

I’m working on getting it all sorted out. I have lots to do.

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