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Friday July, 29 2005


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Why the hell are moving trucks so expensive?

$952 for a one way rental. That’s the cheapest rental, mind you, I had quotes upwards of $1100. WTF? Is the truck made of gold or something? Are the seats leather? Does it come with a catering service and a band?

Mind that price does not include the gas I’ll have to put into the sucker to get it from point A to point B.

Someone invent a transporter. Right now.

Wednesday July, 27 2005

Whoopsie, Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

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I had a very nice birthday yesterday, I had to work, but work was fun and easy. My boss brought me cookies which was very unexpected but very great. I love this job, is that getting redundant yet? This is a great place to work, but this isn’t about my workplace. *ahem* So, I got two pairs of beautiful earrings, a ring, a pair of sandals, a super-duper, excellent, fantastic LL Bean bag (this bag is the bag to end all bags, it’s the one bag to rule them all, mega-super bag, seriously, I love this bag!) and a picture that J drew for me that I love.

It was really great, we went out to dinner after work and then we went back to J’s place and it turned out that she had bought me an ice cream cake. (Ice cream cake is a tradition for me, I would get one for my birthday every year and I loved it. I thought I wouldn’t get one this year, so I was very surprised and very very happy.

Yeah, it was a really great day yesterday.

Today tried to start out not so good, we’re house sitting and a fish just died and I was almost late for work but now things are looking good. I’ve got my tea and my banana and things are much better.

Wednesday July, 13 2005

I never did get the hang of this Journal thing

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Once again it’s been ages since my last post and once again I shall endeavor to bring everyone up to speed on what’s been going on. I’m not very good at this, so I’ll probably miss a whole bunch of stuff.

I talked J into letting me by a beautiful print by a local artist. Once I have a bit more money I’m going to take it back and have it framed so we can put it on the wall of our new apartment when we move in. I also want to get my bamboo print framed so I can hang it in our study.

There was a grand visit of some of J’s family. We we working through most of it and house sitting through some of it but we still managed to have a good time with everyone. We showed her younger cousin the last of Utena which means that we made several new revelations. Every time you watch that show you see something new, it’s great.

We also the new proud owners of a washer and dryer (yay! The ability to do laundry!) and maybe the owners of a queen sized sleeper couch.

We’re both heading to a midnight party July 15 to celebrate the new Harry Potter book. We plan to get dressed up but we’re not sure what or who to go as. Our default is J will go as a Dementor and I’ll dress up like a bar of HoneyDukes Chocolate.

I’ve now mastered PowerPoint by creating a very cute little (11 slides) presentation on Monkey King. There is supposedly a way to make it into a website but I think that’s silly. If anyone out there wants to see it I can probably zip the thing and send it through e-mail. You don’t need PowerPoint to view it, the program let’s you export it so it can be played on computers without needing the program to be installed.

And the last thing I’ll mention (because it’s the only other thing I can think of) We’ll be at BYM for one day on Saturday. It’s all we can afford to do but at least we’ll be there.

And now I must finish up because after work I must get to Grands to look at things I’ll never be able to afford and then to Goodwill for things I will be able to afford. Then it’s dinner and then off to return house sitting keys. *phew*

Tuesday July, 5 2005

Laid Back

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I had a pretty laid back fourth this year. I had the day off. (Whoohoo!) So I slept late, cooked a delicious dinner, and then watched fireworks in the backyard.
I miss the s’mores and playing with sparklers but all in all it was a good day.

I especially enjoyed the sleeping late part.

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