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Friday September, 30 2005

Ahh Fall

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Finally the weather is getting cooler!

Now this is what fall is supposed to be! Tempretures in the 70s and cool breezes blowing through.
Ahhh, my season at last!

Thursday September, 29 2005

Abbreviated Rant

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I bet everyone is liking how I just post in my blog everyday all of a sudden. Don’t worry I bet it won’t last too long but I can always try.

Today instead of posting a rather long incoherent rant about how I suck at creating languages I’ll just state for the record that I suck at creating languages. Suck hardcore.

I’m really good, (if I do say so myself) at the rest of my world building. I can write up the mythology, religion, trade routes, economy, royal lines, empires, fallen empires, etc with barely a blink but I can’t create a bloody language that works!

There. That was my abbreviated rant on language. Consider yourselves lucky that you didn’t have to read the whole thing.

Wednesday September, 28 2005

Almost there

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80 out of 100 done, if anyone out there wants to know.
At least two need to be redone, but still, just about 20 left to go.

Stalled on my badfic. Not sure why. I mean, why am I worrying, it’s supposed to be bad.

Tuesday September, 27 2005


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60 something out of 100 icons done for that icon challenge. I’m thinking that I’m not going to offically claim it and all the icons will go on my site instead. It’ll make for a nice update once it’s done. It’ll only be 98 new ones since I used two of the Prince of Persia ones that I already made. I liked them, I figured, what the hell, might as well use what I’ve got.

The good news and the reason I’m posting is because I found a ton of new pictures from the game. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to finish the challenge becasue I was using the same pictures over and over again but now I have a fresh new batch and ideas already forming.

So look foreward to a massive icon update sometime in the future.

Monday September, 26 2005

Icon Update

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So I managed to make about half of the icons for the Prince of Persia challenge over the weekend. A few of those need tweeking and I have the daunting task ahead of making 50 artist’s choice icons. We’ll see how it goes but I’m fairly pleased with my work. I’m rather fond of many of the icons. Some where easy to make, others more difficult, some took only a few mintues some up to an hour so all in all I’m pretty damn pround of my work.

I think I may take up a general Utena challenge that way I’ll make more icons for other characters and then if I’m brave I’ll move onto Metroid.

I also managed to bang out another chapter of my badfic, so all in all it looks like I’ve gotten the creative brain goo going again. It’s looking pretty good for “Life After Roses.”

Friday September, 23 2005

Icon Challenge

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Several posts ago I talked about taking an icon challenge.
I think I’m doing to try and do that (at least unoffically) this weekend perhaps I’ll sit down with photoshop and see what happens. If I can manage it in any kind of good time I’ll shot for one with SKU and then maybe Metroid or some other undeveloped part of my icon pages.

Maybe if I can do this I can get back to working on other things, like, oh I don’t know, “Life After Roses”?

Oh and the badfic is coming along very well, thank you, it’s up to Chapter 11 and I know I won’t win because I don’t have enough signed reviews on just one chapter but what the hell. It’s all for fun anyway.

Thursday September, 22 2005

An Update!

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*Gasp!* Yes, that’s right, I updated The SunTemple. It’s only two new icons and some quotes but at least it’s something.

Wednesday September, 21 2005

Oh yeah, you need the Internet for that…

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You know that whole update my website thing?
It would really be much faster if I had internet at my home.

Hmm, methinks its time for me to come to work after hours and do some uploading if I expect to get anything done.

Because I’m not sure I want to pay for the utter agony that will be dial up. I’m so spoiled when it comes to fast connections.

Tuesday September, 20 2005

Things I need to Do

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I really really really need to update my website again. It had lain dorment far too long.

Not that I have anything new except for one little icon to post. *sigh*
Wait, no that’s a bit of a lie, I’ve got new quotes! Which will get posted up one of these days.

I’m thinking of taking up an 100 icon challenge. I’m thinking of either doing Anthy from SKU or Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. I think Sands of Time would be more fun because it would challenge me more since there are a gazillion pictures of Anthy but not that many of the Prince.

Other than doing some writing which may or may not get posted to the site I’ve been pretty bad about doing things for SunTemple.

Oh lordy, I need to do something with Life After Roses don’t I? I know I must have a few readers…if they haven’t given up on me…

Friday September, 16 2005

New Neighbors

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Well the final apartment in our little area finally got tenants and that means we have a pair of new neighbors.
We have three sets of neighbors. A young couple who lives next door, (who took off recently with their cat and we haven’t seen them in about two weeks), a gentleman who lives in the apartment below them, (he’s very nice, he works the graveyard shift someplace), and now two young ladies who are living below our apartment.

They don’t seem too friendly. I tried to introduce myself to them when they pulled up in their car but they said nothing.

All of our other neighbors are nice so a pair of mediocre ones won’t be too bad.

We’ll see if they change their tune when I bring them cookies.

We’ll see if they change their tune when I bring them cookies.

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