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Monday October, 31 2005

It has returned!

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Happy Pagan Candy Holiday to everyone. I can’t dress up for work, but I am dressing up like Monkey King once I get home, face paint and all. I was very tempted to just wear my horns to work and look quizzical whenever someone pointed out that I was wearing horns but I ran out of the house too quickly this morning.

We have the promise that we’ll get at least one set of trick or treaters this year. YAY! Some friends from Meeting will be stopping by for candy and good cheer.

In other news, the Kingdom is back up and running with some neat new content to make up for the crash, or White Wednesday as they’re calling it now. I have my goodies and I’m very happy. I did lose some stuff but I’m sure it’ll get back to me one way or the other.

And in my final bit of news the car is in to have its hoses and belts replaced along with being winterized. I don’t even want to think about how much this is going to cost me. Way too mucy, I imagine.

Thursday October, 27 2005

SunTemple refit

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I just finished refitting all the menus at The SunTemple. All the menus, every damn last one, including the Monkey Shrine. The layout looks the same but all the menus are easier for me to edit. Aren’t you happy? Something that makes the menus easier to edit means more updates because I won’t dread updating the icon pages.

Gah, I never want to have to retrofit my site again. Oh, yeah, let me know if you find any broken links, ok?

KOL Kaboom!

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So a few people will know that I play The Kingdom of Loathing, a rather neat web based RPG thing that it’s equal parts, snark, spoof, and pure gaming crack.

Looks like there was a pretty major snafu on the part of the game creator.

It’s a pretty darn big deal as far as it stands now. For those of you who don’t play or haven’t been around to hear my talk about it, Hagnk’s is where all of your stuff goes when you beat the final boss and ascend. (Ascending is when you beat the game and get to come back as a new class, keeping one still from your old class and any other skill you kept before.) So, all of your items, your entire inventory goes into Hagnk’s storage. It looks like the lost those and have to rebuild them with data that 6 weeks old.


Me? Even though I play three characters I’m not terribly worried. I’ve ascended multiple times and most of my stuff should still be there. The thing that I’m most worried about are a few of the familiars I’ve gained very recently and some of my skills but other than that, I shouldn’t be too hard hit by this. Jick and the staff are working to make sure we can get our lost items back. Most of the stuff I needed to give out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Crimbo was in my inventory and as far as I know those things were safe, and everything else, well, it can be got again.

I feel badly for Jick, he claims full responsibility for this and it must really suck for him at the moment. Go Jick, you built a great game and even though it just went boom we still love you!

Wednesday October, 26 2005

ah HA!

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Finally, after a lot of work and with a lot of help from my cousin’s friend I was able to get together a linked navigation bar! w00t!

The retrofit to the site took a couple of hours and there was some bugs that needed to be ironed out at the last minute but all and all I think it was really worth the trouble. Now it will be ten times easier to update the site and add pages where pages usually need to be added.

The upshot of this is I’m also going to refit the SunTemple. It’s also going to need a massive retofit but in the end I will be a much happier camper. Handbasket and icons will be put on hold until I work this out.

Tuesday October, 25 2005

On the Coming Winter

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I really like winter. It’s sad since I kinda don’t like to be all that cold, although I do prefer being cold to being hot. I can layer on as much as I like but after a point I can’t take anything else off. It’s going to be a long cold winter since J and I are conserving money, the heat will never reach above 65 which is livable but chilly.

Thank god for polar tech bathrobes, that’s all I have to say.

And I just know I don’t need frames to build this bloody navigation bar. Grrrrrr.

Friday October, 21 2005

Journey to the West, 100 icons?

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You know what I need to do? A lot of things yes, but I need to do an 100 icon challenge for Monkey King, or Journey to the West in general. I should lump it together with this handbasket thing I’m doing. It would take a lot longer to complete both but I think everyone would benefit from that.

Yeah, that’s a good idea and I’m probably nuts for trying it. Now the only problem is pictures. I think it’s time to hit google since there’s no way in hell I’m going to use the Saiyuki anime. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad anime, just a bad portrayal of Journey to the West.

I have a feeling Google isn’t going to help me all that much, but I can try.

Thursday October, 20 2005


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Slowly but surely I’m getting well. I had some bizarre stomach pain this morning that I unfortuantly knew the cause of but it went away on its own and I didn’t even throw up. w00t!

Too bad tomorrow is my busy day. I hope it doesn’t drive me down and make me have a relapse.

Wednesday October, 19 2005

Laid out

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I just got laid out flat by some sort of stomach flu these past two days. I’m still not completly well but I got thrown off my groove with my Journey to the West handbasket thing. I had thought I was going to be able to get through at least chapters 1 and 2 in pretty short order. Oh well. I’ll be working on it again, slowly but surely.

Monday October, 17 2005

98 New Metorid Icons

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If you want you can go look at the 98 new Metroid icons over at The SunTemple. I think this is probably the last icon challenge at least for a little while. I’ve started work on my Journey to the West parody script thing and I think that will take up most of my time for awhile.

Enjoy the icons, anyway. This bug thing has really got me good. Blargh.

Saturday October, 15 2005

How did I catch a cold?

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It figures, I get two days off from work and I manage to catch a cold.

Good news is I have 98 Metroid Icons to upload once I can get them to a good internet connection.
Hopefully I’ll be starting a short parody like retelling thing for Journey to the West soon. If I can kill this thing.

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