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Wednesday November, 30 2005

Something Strange

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There’s a rather amusing article about a gentleman who bagged his first buck. At least he thinks it was a buck. It had antlers, just not other bits.

The song “Detachable Penis” is now stuck in my head.

And in other news of the weird, there’s a company selling Human Flavored Tofu. This one ranks pretty high on the WTF meter.
So strange it gets two oing faces.

Tuesday November, 29 2005

Door Cake

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So this morning I exit our apartment to get into my car and go to work when I am stopped by a strange and unusual sight…

There is a butterscotch cake from the local grocery store in a plastic bag on our porch next to our door.

No note, no explanation, just a cake.

J and I are confused but happy about having a treat left for us and we assume it’s our next door neighbors. We brought them squash, they brought us corn, we brought them more squash, they brought us cookies, and then I brought them a piece of apple pie. It seems they have raised the ante on our little food exchange.

Wait, oh wait my kind neighbors for soon I shall unleash upon you the glory of my apple pie!

Monday November, 28 2005

More pictures

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Ok, I finally have a shot or our apartment.

Our Apartment
This is the front of our apartment. Spiffy, yes?

And now for a few random pictures.
Two fawns
These are two fawns that were in the yard of one of the houses we house sat for. I thought they were cute.

Baby blue jay
Here’s a baby blue jay that was in J’s front yard. Very cute.

Here’s J with a bird that belonged to the lady we housesat for. This picture was taken right before the bird bit her, hence the suspicious look.

And this is me with the bird. The bird also bit me, but not right after this picture was taken.

Wednesday November, 23 2005


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Ok everyone, we finally got J’s prints framed.

Don’t they look great? Yes they do. They look fabulous! And yes that is a bright pink blanket on the couch, it’s cold.

Oh and a bonus.

Yes, that’s me. In a red sweater. I know, the world will soon come to an end. And yes those are indeed My Little Ponies in the background. They’re mine. What can I say, there are some childhool memories I don’t want to give away.

Do you like the red curtin? Handmade by me. Oh yeah, ph33r my 1337 curtin making sk1llz or something

Tuesday November, 22 2005

Got it

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It took way too many trips and a lot of unnecessary paperwork but I finally got my VA license. I mean, seriously, I was one step away from asking if they wanted a blood sample and a DNA test.

Now I just need to get everything together and cancel my MA insurance.

Monday November, 21 2005

Things I should be doing

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So many things to do, so little free time to do them in.

Ok, so I’ve got that Journey to the West breadbox to get cracking on and I don’t think I’ll manage much over the turkey day holidays but I could be wrong. It all depends on how hard Warcraft continues to eat my brain. I can feel the draw lessening but it’s still there, a very persistent nibble.

I’ve got a Gilgamesh breadbox that I agreed to do and I really should because it would commemorate the fact that I will soon have plates for my car that say Enkidu. Actually they say Enk1du but that’s because someone else got there first.

I’ve got Life After Roses which is lacking plot since my notes file got mysteriously eaten by something in my computer. That was really a blow since I’m not sure where I had the story heading, I have a vauge idea but that’s it. I know many have lost hope of me actually doing any work on it but take heart my few and fading fans! It’s got a place on the last rather than being lumped into the “other stories” bracket.

I’ve also got to do some work on Half Marks, since book six came out the stories flys in the face of everything that is cannon but it’s slightly AU in the first place. I’m not really sure why this one stalled, I’ve got all the plot worked out.

My website is languishing and I’ve got a dozen stories that need to be written. (There’s the “other stories” bracket and listing these would depress me.)

Argh, I say.

Thursday November, 17 2005

Good Website, Bad Website

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Yes, it’s an evil/good website meme.

This site is certified 34% EVIL by the Gematriculator This site is certified 66% GOOD by the Gematriculator

It seems the SunTemple itself is good. Interesting. Despite my Pr0n my site is mostly good.

Now for the Monkey Shrine

This site is certified 27% EVIL by the Gematriculator This site is certified 73% GOOD by the Gematriculator

Just goes to show you, Monkey King is inherently good. 73% isn’t too shabby for the king.

My Blog on the other hand…

This site is certified 55% EVIL by the Gematriculator This site is certified 45% GOOD by the Gematriculator

There you have it. The SunTemple and Monkey Shrine are good, but Faded Sigils is Evil!

AHHH! Want! Want!

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I want the Mushroom Hoodie!!!!

Anyone out there looking for a Holiday gift for me? That would be it. I just want to know why it’s so bloody expensive.

Wanttsss the mussshrrooom hoodie, preccioussss.

Tuesday November, 15 2005

Slowly Falling Behind

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I actually have Chapter 2 of the Journey to the West hand basket done but I haven’t managed to get it formatted to post it. I’m also planning to post it to the Monkey Shrine but I haven’t made up the pages and since it’s four books and 100 chapters I’m putting some planning into the making of that little section so I don’t tear my hair out later.

I’m also trying to get together enough brain power to do a Gilgamesh hand basket which would just be posted to my main site and here but needless to say the time has escaped me.

I’ve been sick, trying to get the car insured and allowing my brain to be eaten by Warcraft III.

So much for having a work ethic.

Friday November, 11 2005

Journey to the West Breadbox: Book 1, Chapter 1

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I said I was going to do it, and here it is. Book 1, Chapter 1. The idea is stolen with permission from the lovely and talented, Evadne_noel.

Consider this a preview of sorts, it will be going up on the Monkey Shrine sooner or later.

Journey to the West, all the fun you can fit in a handbasket

Book 1, Chapter 1

Here, have some information about how the world was created. It’ll give me a chance to show off my knowledge of the Tao, Buddhism and throw around vague alchemical symbolism at the same time. Aren’t I clever and smart? Oh, I’ll also throw in lots of old poetry. Did I mention that I Iike poetry? There’s this one poem…

Hello? Can we get to me here?

Right. Right, I’ll tell you about that poem later. I’m going to give you the precise measurements of a stone that was created at the beginning of time. Please ignore the fact that there wouldn’t have been anyone around at the time to measure it. Are you sure you don’t want a poem? There’s a poem about how the stone egg gave birth to a monkey.

Cool! I’m alive, and made out of stone. Rock on! That pun is very much intended.

STONE MONKEY bows to the FOUR QUARTERS because at this point he is still polite, opens his eyes and flashes beams of golden light at HEAVEN.

We have a really long title. No really, it’s long. Anyway, what is that golden light that reaches us as we sit in our Cloud Palace of the Golden Arches, in the Treasure Hall of the Divine Mists? Think about it, if the name of our Throne Room is that long you probably don’t want our title.

Over at Flower Fruit Mountain an immortal stone has given birth to an egg that in turn gave birth to a stone monkey who bowed to the four quarters and then opened his eyes. That caused the golden light.

Oh, well that’s nothing to worry about then.

The JADE EMPEROR and other IMMORTALS go about their business as if NOTHING is wrong. THEY will regret this later. STONE MONKEY wanders all over the mountain and makes friends with everybody, including lots of other MONKEYS.

Here’s another poem about what the Stone Monkey and his new friends did. I’m so clever! I’ll also imply that these monkeys are Buddhists! It’ll be important later, why I’ve got a poem about that too!

You know, if we don’t do something there’s bound to be way too much poetry. So we’ve been hanging around this stream, let’s see where it goes.

The MONKEYS follow the stream and find more POETRY, as well as a WATERFALL which they think is grand.

We’re easily amused. So who wants to jump into it and see where all the water is coming from? Whoever does can be king!

Now that’s right up my alley. I’ll do it.

STONE MONKEY jumps through the waterfall and discovers a bridge that leads to a strange CAVE, which turns out to be “The Blessed Land of Flower-Fruit Mountain, the Cave Heaven of Water-Curtain Cave,” which is a fully furnished house-like place. STONE MONKEY calls for the other MONKEYS and no one thinks a fully furnished cave is strange.

You all said I could be king, so I’m king. I’m now Handsome Monkey King.

Whatever you say, king.

The MONKEYS enjoy a peaceful existence of about FOUR HUNDRED YEARS until one day MONKEY KING sheds a few TEARS.

Someday we’ll all die.

Gee, it only took you four hundred years to figure that out? Immortals, Buddhas, and Holy Sages don’t die though.

See! See! Buddhas! There it is again! I’ve got this poem…

Ack! No, no poetry. Ok, tomorrow I’m going to go off and find these people and I’ll learn how to be young forever!

Ok, we’ll give you a party. Any excuse for a party!

The MONKEYS give MONKEY KING a party.

I’ve got a poem about this too! You want to hear it?

Ok, enough of that! I’ve got my raft, bamboo pole and some fruit! Off I go!

And so MONKEY KING sets sail for the Lands of the Immortals. He gets a good tail wind and makes to land in record time. He finds humans on the shore going about their lives.

AHHH! It’s a short monster… thing… RUN AWAY!

MONKEY KING manages to catch one and steals his clothes. He then wanders around trying to find IMMORTALS. There is a lot more POETRY.

Hmm, no Immortals here, just greedy humans, but look here’s another ocean. I’ve already crossed one under improbible circunstances, what’s one more?

And so MONKEY crossed the ocean and came to a new land. He finds beautiful mountains there and because it’d be a really short story if he were afraid of heights, he climbed right up to search for IMMORTALS.

Greetings, Immortal.

Huh? WTF?

You were singing, and that means you’re either an Immortal or the author who has this strange fixation with poetry and since you can’t be the author, you must be an Immortal.

I’m not an immortal but my neighbor is, because here ordinary people have Immortals for their next door neighbors. This is the Mountain of the Heart and Mind, my neighbor lives on the Cave of Slanting Moon and Three Stars just in case you wanted the long name.

What’s the short name?

Mountain number 3,472.

I see why you go with the long form.

Anyway, follow this path south, you can’t miss it.


MONKEY KING follows the WOODCUTTER’S directions and encounters more poetry and a CAVE.

Ahh, this must be the place but the door is shut, I’ll just sit up in this tree and wait, someone will come out eventually, otherwise this will be a really short book.

MONKEY KING sits up in a pine tree until a YOUNG BOY, who appears to be an IMMORTAL, opens the door.

Who’s raising a ruckus out here?

That would be me. I’m seeking the way of immortality, got any of that around here?

Boatloads. Come on in, we’ve got a fresh pot of the stuff brewing.

MONKEY follows the YOUNG BOY into a GREAT BIG CAVE with lots of rooms and windows. They finally reach a platform made out of GREEN JADE and the IMMORTAL SUBODHI and of course, some more poetry.

I shall now bow, which shows I really respect you. I came all the way from the Water-Curtain Cave on the Flower-Fruit Mountain in the Ao-lai Country of the East Purvavideha Continent, if you want the long name.

What’s the short name?

Way the hell far away in the east.

You came a long way then. Do you have surname?

No, and I have no parents. I was born from an immortal stone.

Well, that’s certainly special. Since you look like the kind of monkey called hu-sun I’ll give you the surname Sun. As well as explain a very deep meaning to this name by breaking down the character that forms Sun into…

Don’t get started or we’ll get more poetry. Since you’ve given me a surname, how about a personal name too?

Ok, let me explain the division of my students, in a rather long winded manor.
(He does so)
Now, for reasons I shan’t reveal, or perhaps because the author is just clever, you belong to the tenth generation, blah blah blah, so your name will be Wu K’ung “Awakened to Emptiness,”

Which is perfect for Buddhism!

Great, I have a name. Let’s get down to some serious studying of the Tao, baby.

And so the Handsome Monkey King was born, secured a kingdom and got a name and I was clever with poetry and allusions to Buddhism and alchemy. If you want to know anything else, you’ll have to read the next chapter. I plan to end every chapter that way; it’s a pretty standard ending in Chinese writing. Get used to it.

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