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Friday January, 27 2006

How’d I manage that?

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I’ve managed to volunteer myself to teach a religious education class at my Meeting House in a few weeks. The topic is going to be Quaker dress and so I’m going to try to dress up like a Quaker.

As far as I can see I’ll just need some sort of blouse (Goodwill is going to be my first stop) and a bonnet. I’ve found one summer like bonnet for $11. which isn’t out of my range. I really want a winter one but those are a bit more expensive.

So if anyone out there has some research on Quaker Dress in the Past. (Any time period will do, I don’t think it will matter much to the kids.) Just send me an email or post and let me know. I could use the help.

Thursday January, 26 2006

Get alone little Pet

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I’m not sure why I did but I went back to Neopets. Just what I need, another time suck populated by stupid people who wouldn’t know real English if it walked up and smacked them on the ass.

Anywho, I’m Makani there. So if you like you can come and bother me, or just tell me what a sorry loser I am.

Twenty more Link icons to make before I post them. Yay!

… and yeah, I’ve got nothing else. Aren’t I interesting?

Tuesday January, 24 2006

Relaxing with the Wireless

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There are some things to be said for high speed wireless internet access.
I like sitting in a cushy couch and surfing the web. Now I just need one of my neighbors to get it.

Friday January, 20 2006

Prince of Persia

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Look what I found today:

Prince of Persia Bloopers. The footage is from Prince of Persia III which I do want to get my hands on at some point. It will drive me batshit insane, but I still want to get my hands on it because it’s pretty and they brought the Prince’s voice actor back. (For some unknown reason they got rid of him in the second game.) He was very funny in Sands of Time.

Anyway, the bloopers are wonderful. I can’t wait to listen to it with the sound on.

Wednesday January, 18 2006

Cold, Wet, and Windy

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Today we get the cold and the wet mixed with gale force winds. Yay.

Nothing like moving equipment around in gale force winds.

Oh yeah, and the silk longjohns? Fabulous! I’m wearing a skirt and my legs aren’t even cold!

Tuesday January, 17 2006

Cold and Rainy

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Cold, wet and rainy.


I did buy myself a pair of silk long johns this weekend. Best $30 I’ve spent on my legs in a long time. Toasty and warm.

Monday January, 16 2006

No Fairfax

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I was unable to talk J into driving three hours to Fairfax. Not that I blame her, three hours is a long way to drive for one thing. (I would’ve done it anyway, but I’m crazy.)

We instead spent the day going around town doing errands. Many errands were done and pants were purchased. Yay, pants!

Friday January, 13 2006


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We may make a trip out to Fairfax this Saturday to go to the Korean Grocery there. The driving directions say it’s about three hours away. I’m not sure I can convince J to drive that long.

Oh, sweet bean donuts! Oh red beans, someday soon we may again be united!

Thursday January, 12 2006

Venison Cooked

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The deer was cooked last night and it came out really good, it’s a little dry, but that’s ok. Dry Venison just means finding a venison stew recipe and turning it into yummy stew.

Tuesday January, 10 2006

Venison Hold

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The Venison on hold because I misplaced the little piece of paper with the proper oven tempretures on it. Oh well, more Venison later!

Oh I also got two winter squashes and a box of apples from this person. I repeat, I need to fix their computer more often!

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