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Tuesday February, 28 2006

Back and Toothless

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So, my wisdom teeth.

Operation went fine. Operation went just fine. The nurses and doctors at the place I went were very nice. The nurse took very good care of me and even gave me a blanket because the room was cold. She was very comforting since I was nervous as all hell. They knocked me out and I woke up several hours later feeling groggy but otherwise ok. I even got to keep my teeth! Two of them broke but two of them are whole.

I went home with painkillers and antibiotics. I was fine for two days and then learned I was allergic to the painkillers so I stopped taking those. I thought the sick feeling would go away but it didn’t, still I was feeling ok and ready for work on Monday when I did a silly thing and took one of my antibiotics before bed without food. I work up at 1am and was violently sick until 4am. 4am was when J pried me off the floor of the bathroom and put me back to bed where I shivered for another 30 mintues or so before I finally fell asleep again.

Luckily on Monday the doctor’s office called to check up and see how I was doing. I told the nurse all about what happened and since I wasn’t having real trouble with my wisdom teeth before they operation (they weren’t infected or anything) I could stop taking the antibiotic. Yay!

So today I’m doing just fine. I’m in a little bit of pain, my face is still swollen on the right side and I can’t really smile or laugh but I feel fine. I’m on soft foods for a good deal longer since I can’t chew worth a damn.

Sorry to keep you all waiting for news on my condition but there’s no internet at home.

So I’m pretty much fine, just have to wait for the holes in the back of my mouth the heal. Thanks for the Get Well cards!

Thursday February, 23 2006


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Several people have told me that the worst part about getting your wisdom teeth removed (besides being in intense pain afterwords) is the worry leading up to it.

I’m feeling that. I’ve never been in surgery before so this is a whole new stress experience for me.

I’m stressing pretty hardcore.

So, no food for me after midnight. I work for just an hour tomorrow morning to make sure everything is in place and then I’m off to have my teeth out.


Edit: Time of surgery changed to 7:30am. No work for me.

Wednesday February, 22 2006

Wisdom Teeth

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I’m getting them removed this Friday to the tune of $1835. -__-

I’ll be flat out Friday, just warning ya’.

Monday February, 20 2006

Back up and running, sorta

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I’m feeling a bit better, the stomach bug was a mild one and it seems to have decided that if I’m not going to pay attention to it, it might as well bugger off. I still feel like I could sleep for a day but I can’t take days off work since I’m probably taking the whole of Wednesday off to drive to Ronoke to talk to people about my teeth.

I forgot today was a holiday for some people so I can’t get stamps. Will have to get stamps tomorrow.

Friday February, 17 2006

Sick again

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I’ve managed to catach some sort of stomach bug at the same time that J has come down with a sore throat/dizzy bug. So we two are throughly bugged.

I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed to the tune of $1000. or so in the very near future. *sigh*

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to bed.

Monday February, 6 2006

Getting Something Done

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Ok, I fixed the links page, somehow it got converted back to HTML and all the img src links changed to something completly different. It’s still a little wonky but at least it works.

In other and probably more interesting news, I’ve uploaded 107 new icons for you to gawk at over at The SunTemple. Yep, one hundred seven. I finished that unoffical Link Challenge I was babbling about some time ago. Enjoy.

Friday February, 3 2006

Link Page

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My Links page got fouled up somehow. I’m working on fixing it. I’m not really sure what happened.

Wednesday February, 1 2006

Happy Imbolc

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Happy Imbolc!

Go do something Pagany.

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