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Thursday March, 30 2006


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I found a poster of the three bad boys from Advent Children, so I guess that will have to do.
Merf I say.

So wisdom teeth out now for about a month and I still don’t have feeling on the lower right side of my jaw. I think it’s getting better but it’s hard to tell.

Wednesday March, 29 2006

Wall Scroll

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Why can’t I find a decent wall scroll of Yazoo from Final Fantasy Advent Children.
I mean Cloud is pretty sure, but what about Vincent? What about Yazoo? Kadaj even!


Monday March, 27 2006

Two Weeks?

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Out of work for two weeks this April, that amounts to one whole paycheck.

Time to see if P needs help in her garden.

Thursday March, 23 2006

How many times

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How many times can I get sick this year?

Good lord this is insane.

Tuesday March, 21 2006

Believe it or Not

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I’ve been working on Half Marks recently and making a bit of progress. My biggest problem is trying to figure out exactly where this story is going. I still have the notes but I’m not satisfied with the story and I’m not sure I’m up to a massive rewrite.

We’ll see. In the meantime I’ll be trying to ease the story along it’s tracks and hope I get a brillant idea before I give up on it.

Friday March, 17 2006


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So I burned the crap out of my hand this morning.

I was getting a pot of boiling water off the stove. I looked at said pot and thought, as I reached for it, “I should get an oven mitt…” but instead of getting an oven mitt I just grabbed the handle. Yes, I know, very stupid. Then, instead of just dropping the damn thing I shook my hand, while still holding the pot thus spilling boiling water all over my hand.

It’s just one of those little stupid things that people do all the time. It hurt like hell though. I’m fine now, thanks to the judicious application of ice and then Calendula all day.

And in good news, I plan to start work on many stories that are lying fallow. Yay! Yes, I know you’ll believe it when you see it. Beware, Thomas, for you shall believe!

Wednesday March, 15 2006

March in like a Lion?

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After about a week of spring/summer temperatures today it decides to snow.

March down here is weird.

Monday March, 13 2006

Still to Warm for March

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It’s still way to warm for the month of March. Today it’s 76 with a high of 81, although the rest of the week it drops to 50 and then 40.


Friday March, 10 2006


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It was 70 today where I live and it’s supposed to hit 80 on Sunday.

Man, winter sure high tailed it out of here fast.

Tuesday March, 7 2006

Thumb Drive

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I bought a thumbdrive some weeks ago, (yes, I am behind on the techno geek stuff) and I wonder how I used to live without this thing. I mean when floppy disks were the way to go I had four or five wrapped up in various pockets of my backpack.

Then Zip disks came along and they were good…except they weren’t as widespread as floppies so you could store all your data but unless you were sure where you were going had a zip drive you ere stuck.

Then someone said, “Hey, USB ports are on every computer, let’s make a memory device that’ll hook into one of those!” And they struck on computing gold.

I carry this thing in my pocket, it can keep all my works in progress and I can save anything interesting that I come across on the internet. It’s good stuff.

And yes, this was a silly pointless post.

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