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Thursday April, 27 2006

New Word Press, New Spam Blocker

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After updating my Word Press I was able to get hold of a new Spam blocker.  Spam Karma 2 has been doing a damn good job too.  Not a single one of those pesky casino spam messages has made it through the filter so far.  You may or may not have noticed that the comments are once again enabled so post a comment if you like, I still have to approve it but at least it won’t get lost in a hail of spam.

Wednesday April, 26 2006

Pardon the Dust

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If anyone was watching the site while I tried to update my Wordpress to the most recent version I apoligize for the strangness.

The Photoshop conference was great.  I learned a lot of really interesting tricks that I can’t wait to actually use.  Lots of very helpful things and lots of very interesting things.  It makes me want to try and go into Graphic Design.  Oh stop laughing!  I think I could do a passable job at it, especially with stock photos and things like that.  I’ll have to start photoshopping more and get J a new computer so she can have the latest version as well.

Monday April, 24 2006

Silly Me

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I thought I had to go to Roanoke today for my Photoshop training but it turns out that I’m supposed to go tomorrow. Silly me! The good news is I didn’t drive all the way there, just to a meeting point about 30 minutes from my place. Luckily I decided to call my ride and make sure I was at the right place, she’s the one who clued me in on my mistake.

But we had an adventure over the weekend. We did our laundry and had our clothes in the dryer when we went into down and did a few things. A few hours later we return home and I walk into the laundry room to get our stuff out of the dryer and step right into about an inch and a half of water.

After some frantic unplugging and turning off of the water I managed to tell the washing machine to drain itself, which it did and then we spent a good hour soaking up the water with towels and then trying to ring those towels out so we could soak up more water. (Mind you, it was raining buckets outside and no we don’t have a mop. Well we do but it’s wholly unsuited to soaking up mass amounts of water.) It seems that even when the power to the machine is off if the water is turned on the drum will start to fill. It’s just a slow trickle but for some reason the machine doesn’t drain unless you turn it to the spin cycle.

We’ve gotten some advice that says the hoses are probably clogged with sediment so we’re going to check and see if that’s the trouble. Hopefully it is.

But for some good news, our landlord also fixed our screen door on Sunday so now we have a screen door that works. Yay!

Friday April, 21 2006

End of Week Joy

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I am so very much looking forward to this weekend.

Although the Monday at the end of this weekend I could rather to without. Here’s to waking up at 5am to learn about photoshop!

No really, the class ought to be fun but the thought of having to be up by five and out of my house by six isn’t but that’s life.

Lack of Spam

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Ahh the joyous lack of spam, it is indeed beautiful.

In the meantime, view the graphic for the East Coast Tour:

Nifty eh?

Tuesday April, 18 2006

Spring Term 1 & 2

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No one thinks anything about not being able to comment, (or if you did it got lost in the 100+ spam messages) so no more commenting on this blog. Just email me if you have something exciting to say about what I post here.

So the Spring term started here which ment a lot of work. It still means a lot of work since stuff is still coming in and things are still going out. Yesterday I didn’t even get to sit at my desk until 11am.

Now it’s off for more work!

Friday April, 14 2006

Green Eggs and Spam

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I’m contemplating disabling comments on this blog because the spam is getting out of hand again. Those of you who would actually comment here will probably send me emails instead anyway.

So, I’ll enable commenting on this entry, tell me what you think.

Thursday April, 13 2006


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So Spring/Summer roared in a few weeks ago and then left to leave us with one last icy gasp of winter.

Then it really was Spring and the Spring weather began only to be cruelly beaten down by Summer. The weather down here is just plain wacky.

Wednesday April, 12 2006

Paving Stones

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Back from MD alive and well. Ate lots of food and had a good time.

Now it’s back to laying paving stones in P’s garden.

Friday April, 7 2006

Garden Work

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Pulling weeds, mulching, moving paving stones…

Off to MD tomorrow morning. Woo!

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