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Tuesday May, 30 2006

Painted Pots, well mugs and vases actually

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So today we’ll be picking up the things we made last week.  I hope they turned out well.

 This whole not working thing is really throwing me off.  I’m actually writing things!  Shock!  Amazement!

I dropped the car off today to get its front brakes replaced, a Mass air regulator changed, it’s tire looked at and a lube and oil.  Anyone want to guess what that’s going to cost me?  I don’t know either but I know it’s going to hurt.

Friday May, 26 2006

Mug Painting

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J and I are going back to the Paint your own Pottery Place tonight for their two paints for the price of one night.

Right now I have a design idea for a Metroid Mug.  What do you think about that, Dad?  Now I just have to think of something for Mom.

Thursday May, 25 2006

Getting it all done

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Yay!  Comments work!  So now you all can comment without fear.  It seems that I haven’t set the spam eater too high and real comments are getting through.

I’m just trying to finish out this week which is turning out to be the busiest I’ve had in a long time.  It’s not a matter of requests for equipment, just a matter of getting things ready for the move.

Friday is my last day so I don’t have a whole lot of time but things are coming along.  I’ve almost got everything I need to pack, packed and ready to go.  It’s just a matter of packing up my desk at this point and checking up on the last few things.

But Friday I shall paint a mug!

Tuesday May, 23 2006

Next School Year

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It looks like next year I’ll be working three days a week instead of five, but I’ll be working longer hours.  It means I’ll be getting a little bit less a week (I think) but I’ll be able to work longer into the summer.

This means if the house doesn’t go through all we’ll have to do is find a way to pay for August’s rent.  (We prepaid for June and July already.)  So it looks as though things this summer will be ok.  Despite my worries over spending a lot of money on gas on our East Coast Tour.

And spending money at that Paint your Own Pottery place…. Hey, Dad, want a mug?

Wednesday May, 17 2006

Tentative Itinerary

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Two Chicks in a Sonata

Ok, here’s a very Tentative Itinerary for the East Coast Tour. My travel times are probably off, let me know how much and I can correct them.

We leave home June 4th @ 8am. We arrive in Malvern PA around 11am
We leave PA on June 6th @ 7am. We arrive in Silver Spring MD around 1-2pm.
We leave MD on June 8th @ 7am. We arrive in Cross River NY around 12-1pm.
We leave NY on June 10th @7am. We arrive in Medford MA @ 10am

We leave MA around June 12th @ 7 or 8am and head for either PA or Hagerstown MD.

Those are the dates of the tour so far.

Tuesday May, 16 2006

Turtle Mug

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Behold the glory of my turtle mug!

Paint your own Pottery

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Warning: Paint your own Pottery places are highly addictive.  J and I went once already and found it so addicting we were there for about four hours.  We went again this past weekend with J’s sister to spend some good time with her before she went away to Greece.  And we’ll be going back again.

I painted a new mug.  It has turtles on it.  I am very excited.  J painted a bowl.  There will be pictures as soon as I go and pick them up today.

Monday May, 8 2006

Back from the party

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The party was low key but great there was some delicious pesto pizza Saturday night and a wonderful Sunday morning brunch, (even if it did take almost an hour to get seated at the place.  I guess that just proves it’s a great place to eat.)

Yes, good times were had even if we didn’t manage to do the laundry before we left.

We returned home to a broken toilet.   I tried to fix it and was treated to a  high speed deluge of silty water.  It sprayed at all over me and the rest of the bathroom but the toilet now works.  Go figure.

Friday May, 5 2006

Cinco de Mayo

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This weekend J and I are heading out to Harrisonburg to attend a birthday party. That means tonight there will be a frantic round of candle dipping, house cleaning, and laundry so that when we return on Sunday afternoon we won’t have to panic.

Work remains busy which is good. I stop working May 26th and when I return in August it will be to a completely new office. They’re moving another part of the Computing section to the library so I’ll be job sharing (and hopefully working longer into the summer). I’m not so sure I’m ready for it but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Oh yeah, Happy Cinco de Mayo!  No, I probably won’t be getting drunk.

Monday May, 1 2006

No more Spam

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I do love this new spam blocker.  The spam comments still happen but now I don’t have to deal with them at all.  Yay!

So much to do, so little time.  There will be a Quotes update to the SunTemple once I get all the quotes in order.

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