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Sunday June, 4 2006

East Coast Tour Day 2

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J and I started our tour one day early so we could enjoy the company of the Bev.  We’ll be leaving here Tuesday morning right on schedule.

We enjoyed a long but good drive with wireless internet free at a Rest Stop in MD.  That was fun.

Yesterday was fun with good food and cute cats.  There’s a cat that lives here named Bruce who likes to climb into my lap and go to sleep.  Very cute, I want to take him home but I don’t think he would appreciate the drive.

More when I don’t have someone else that needs the computer.

Thursday June, 1 2006

Car Fixed

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The car was less than I thought it would be, it was $524 something which was less than I thought it was going to be.  So the car is happy and working.

I’m still getting writing done which is amazing.  I might even make more progress on a few other projects.

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