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Thursday July, 27 2006

A Whole Quarter!

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Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m now 25 years old. I can now rent cars and my car insurance will go down. YAY! Thank you to everyone who sent me greetings, online or otherwise! I feel loved. ^_^

My birthday was yesterday actually. You know what we did? We spent the day moving from the apartment to the house. Yes, I spent my birthday hauling furniture in and out of a truck. It actually wasn’t all that bad, everything got done in two trips and now 99% of our stuff is at the new house. Now I just have to vacuum the rugs at the apartment, wash the counters, and gather up the rest of our things. (The rest consists mostly of the food still in the fridge.)

Also, J got me an ice cream cake. The local ice cream shop makes their own ice cream and they do cakes and things. She was able to get an ice cream cake with honey graham cracker ice cream and mocha chip ice cream. It was a frozen s’more and it was delicious!

The water heater has been delivered and installed, our faucets work and the rug has been cleaned! Yay!
Now it’s all about getting the house into order before October, that’s when gads of people will show up for the wedding. Hopefully we’ll be unpacked by then.

Tuesday July, 18 2006

House Painting Done

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The house is finally painted.  The last thing to do is finish up the study.

Now I just have to make all sorts of interesting phone calls about getting the rugs in the bathroom taken up and getting the rest of the carpets shampooed.  And all sorts of other interesting things.  Oh yeah, and getting the trim back up in the kitchen, which is going to be interesting and possibly a little scary.

I’ll be sure to get some pictures up once all our stuff is moved.  Which will be sometime before July 31st.

Tuesday July, 11 2006

Busy Painting

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I haven’t posted in a long time partly because of the lack of internet but mostly to the immense amount of time we’ve been spending painting the house.  All the rooms are painted, (finally) except the study needs a second coat on the walls.  I think I may finally have a handle on these damn bookshelves (I mean seriously, how many coats of paint to these @#!! things need?) and I’m working on getting the rest of the doors and door frames painted.  That leaves the ceiling trim (moulding?) in three rooms.

Painting should not take this long.  If I see a paint can after this, it will be too soon.

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