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Thursday August, 24 2006

The House in the Bamboo Grove

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Finally and at long last I have pictures of our new home!

I just got my new digital camera in the mail and I’m testing it out and bringing you pictures of our humble abode.

Our home!
The House in the Bamboo Grove

The Front Door:

The Living Room.
Here’s the entrance wall
The hallway wall

Here’s the rest of the room:
The Living room

The first shelf:
The First bookshelf

And the other book shelf
The Other bookshelf

Our China Cabinet:

One view of our bedroom:
Our Bedroom

The blue wall in our bedroom:
The blue wall

Here’s the entrance to the study:
The entance to the study

and the inside of the study:
The Study

and last but not least, the dragon teapot that J made me:
The Front
Dragon Tea Pot
The Back
The Back of the Dragon Teapot

And that was a virtual tour of the House in the Bamboo Grove!

Carpets and Kiln

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So we found out that we have to replace the floors in both our bathrooms.  Oh joy.  The up side to this is we can do a little damage control in the pink bathroom.  A nice dark blue floor will assit the new dark blue shower curtin in toning down the pink.

 I also managed to land a very part time job at the local Paint your own Pottery place.  It’s only two days a week, but the extra money will be very helpful.  It will at least pay for the floor once I start working in September.

We also finally got some ceiling fans installed.  It’s not central air, but it does keep us nice and cool in this hot weather.  Now I just have to find some curtins for the bedroom.  Damn outdated curtin rods!

Tuesday August, 1 2006

Do not scare me like that!

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So last night.

Last night, around midnight, I heard something pounding, it woke me out of a sound sleep and scared the living shit out of me.  I laid in bed listening for footsteps and didn’t hear any.  I was on the verge of convincing myself that it was just the waterheater making funny noises when I heard it again.  So I woke up J and she said: “What banging?”  and right on cue it happened again. It sounded like the back door.

So we got up and checked the house but of course we didn’t find anything wrong.  All the doors were still locked and nothing was out of place, I was still scared because the banging had been very loud but the evidence was all there, nothing was wrong, so we went back to sleep.

An hour later it happened again, it’s now about 1:45am and we got up and wandered about checking the house to find our back door open.  We stared at it, freaking out for about ten minutes before I closed it, bared it, and then called the police.

The policeman was very nice,(and very large, which was a nice thing) he came and listened to what we had to say, (stated in shaky scared tones) and he took his flash light and went around the place.  They sent two squad cars and the other car sped around to the back of the house.

There was no one in our house and nothing out of place.  The other squad car noticed some young kids up and outside (outside, at 2am!) at our neighbors house.  The police didn’t say it, but we think those kids were just getting a kick out of banging on our door.  Scared the shit out of us though.  It was really hard to go back to sleep.

Long story short, we’re fine and nothing is missing.  I am going to skin those kids if I ever find out it was them.

Yeah, so that was our first house thing.  Murph.

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