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Thursday September, 28 2006

Wierd Al

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I got my new Wierd Al CD in the mail today.   It’s a Dual Disc full of Al goodness.  One side is a CD and the other side is a DVD.  It’s fun, but is also means that it won’t play in some players.  Luckily it seems to work with all my machines.

I’m a bit out of the loop and I haven’t heard some of the songs he’s parodying but it’s still great.  Also, he has a song, Close but No Cigar in which he asks:  “Are we lobbing hand grenades?”  Almost only counts if you’re playing horse shoes or hand grenades after all.

Monday September, 25 2006

Feeling better.

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I’m feeling much better for the first time in about a week.  I hate seasonal colds.

I also hate how my tea is cold about five minutes after I make it.  They really need to turn up the heat in this office.

Wednesday September, 20 2006


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Ugh.  Cold/Allergies/Flu getting worse before they are getting better.  I think the entire problem is that the cold is minor but the allergies make it feel worse than it is.
Hopefully I’ll feel better before tomorrow and I have to work late into the night.

Thursday September, 14 2006

The Bathroom

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And now by popular request the bathroom!
Behold the Pink Bathroom!
 The Pink Bathroom

Behold, the yellow bathroom

The Yellow Bathroom

Also, behold the floor of the yellow bathroom with the infamous tiles.

The Bathroom tile

Monday September, 11 2006

Working, working

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I did take pictures of the bathrooms but I keep forgetting my cable so I can put them on the computer, I chalk it up to working too many hours.

Busy me.

Saturday September, 2 2006

Back at Work

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Yay! I’m back at work!

Pictures of the pink bathroom forthcoming, I’ve been sidetracked by housecleaning and getting work done.  And going to work.  Can’t forget that.  Ahh work.

So far so good!

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