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Tuesday January, 23 2007

More Creative Kiln things.

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Here’s a bunch of things I’ve made at the Kiln recently.

I’m especially proud of how the mug came out.

Thursday January, 4 2007

Welcome to the New Year

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Now for New Years Resolutions. I managed to write a novel in 2006. It needs a lot of work but I did it. I need to keep doing that. So 2007 will be the year of the Novel and the Thesis, it will be the year of the Buttercookie. (The USS Buttercookie was the working title of my thesis after it was rejected based on the comment that there would never be a ship named the USS Buttercookie, and so there will never be a thesis named the buttercookie. It made sense at the time, I’m sure.)

I will write until my fingers cannot type another letter. I will write every day and keep my projects in mind while making reading lists. I will do this because I have proved I can.

And now for a parting thought. Dragon Warrior II is hard! I remembered this game was hard but it’s totally kicking my ass. This comic really sums it up.
The Defeat spells hurts. It hurts.

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