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Tuesday March, 27 2007


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I’ve gone from feeling like my spine was tying itself in a knot and then trying to claw it’s way out my back to feeling like my spine is gnawing at my back and like I’ve been struck by a large vehicle with “Flu and/or Allergies” painted on the side.  Ugh.  Some days it’s too wet to plow and too cold to stand still.

On the plus side I’ve gotten some small amounts of writing and editing done.  I’ve started to world build for J’s comic strip.  She hands me a race and I take it and run.  I’m still running.  I’m working on trade routes.  I wish I was kidding.

I’m such a dork.

Tuesday March, 20 2007

My first garden

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The very first pictures of my first garden.

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Tuesday March, 13 2007

March NaNo

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I decided to try to keep myself to a reduced NaNo schedule in March to see if I could pound out a novella. (Yes 50,000 words is a novella but the place I want to eventually submit this story doesn’t often take works much over 25,000.)  The long story short is I’m very behind on that particular story.

I made up a tiny amount of my missing word counting writing three drabbles of about 300 words each but I still need to get moving on this story again if I want to see it finished.  I want to see at least the first draft finished before I go to China.

Oh and about China.  Why did the dollar have to drop against the RMB before I went?  *sad sigh*

Monday March, 5 2007


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I went rollerskating on Saturday it was fun.  The music wasn’t great. (It’s impossible to skate to 90s music.  Why don’t they play 80s music?)  There were a lot of very small children there but as far as skating around in a circle goes it was good times.

On the upside it wasn’t crowded and it was cheap to get in and rent skates so we’ll probably go again.

Various writing projects are going with varying degrees of success.

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