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Monday April, 30 2007

It’s Monday

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I have nothing interesting to say.

Friday April, 27 2007

China a go

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We leave for China May 31st.  It cost upwards of $4000 for the plane tickets.  Oh well, once in a lifetime experience right?
I hate flying so this will certainly be an adventure.

Also my yard looks like the God and Goddess of dandelions have spawned a new race of demigod weeds.   It’s crazy!

Tuesday April, 24 2007

New Icons

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I’ve added three new Icons over at the SunTemple.  These were all icons that I entered in contests.  The contests are over so they’re fair game.  I didn’t win anything but I plan to keep trying.

Monday April, 23 2007

Another update

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Hah!  Two more wallpapers over at my website.

Hah!  It’s not a cobweb site…honest!


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It’s allergy season again. Ick.

Penny and C have both gone to their respective homes and more of my tulips seemed to have a virus which means I have to dig them up.

Thursday April, 19 2007

Penny away!

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Penny went back home today.  She looked happy to see her family again but it was clear that she was pretty happy staying with us.  That’s good.  I may get to dogsit again.

Wednesday April, 18 2007

SunTemple update

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I bet you thought I forgot about my website, didn’t you?

Nope, I have two new fractal wallpapers in the 1680 section.  Woo!

Baby Rabbit

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J and I rescued a baby rabbit from the side of the road today and put it in some bushes where it happily hid itself in some ivy. It wasn’t hurt or anything; we imagine it was just terrified by the cars and couldn’t move.

Hopefully it will hop its way to some food.

Tuesday April, 17 2007

Queens of the Night

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You knew it was coming eventually.

Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night

Those are my Queen of the Night tulips and they survived all three frosts!


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All is well where I am but I’m not all that far from Virginia Tech.  I’m shocked and a bit scared.  All is well here but it still scares me.

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