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Wednesday May, 30 2007

On the way

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Leaving for China tomorrow around 9 or 10am.  I’m nervous about making my connections but hopefully the screening will go well.  Wish me luck.

Monday May, 28 2007

Updated software

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I had to update my spam comment plugins.  If your comment gets eaten, let me know.

Almost ready

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We’re almost ready to go to China.  We’re pretty much packed.  There are, of course, a few last minute things that must be done.  A few last things to be bought and money moved around in the bank.  I have to make sure I write down all the numbers we’ll need if we get in trouble in China but other than a very short list we’re ready to go.

I’m very nervous but I can’t wait to get over there!

Tuesday May, 22 2007

That was a long test run

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My Comment spam killer seems to be doing it’s job well enough.  I don’t think I’ve missed any comments, so instead of manually turning on the comments (and usually forgetting) they’re back on.

I just got Office 2007.  I have to say it looks a lot different but it makes better sense.  It does require a bit of customization though.  As with any new workspace it’s going to take me awhile to search around and find everything I need.

When I get back from China my computer at work will have been upgraded to Vista.  I haven’t heard good things about Vista so far.  I’m a bit fearful about this upgrade.

Monday May, 21 2007

Visas In

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Our Visas are present and accounted for and thankfully I don’t need a visa for our stopover in Japan.  Some countries you do, some you don’t luckily for us Japan is nice to Americans and we don’t need one.


Now I have to pack and mail a certain mug.

Wednesday May, 16 2007

Travel Insurance

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Getting Travel Medical Insurance is surprisenly easy.  It’s odd to think that I can get emergency medical coverage for my time in China but I can’t afford health care in America.

Just one of those things.

Tuesday May, 15 2007


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I went to a training yesterday.  The training itself was fantastic, I felt that the presenter was great and I went away with a lot of new knowledge.

The hotel the training was held in was less than steller.  There was no hot tea or coffee, the hotel restaurant wasn’t open for lunch and there was no adjoining restaurant.  Bah.

Now I have to get back to my A+ book.

Thursday May, 10 2007

Chocobo Mug

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Dad, you’re getting a Chocobo Mug for Father’s Day.

A gold chocobo mug. 

(Now I just have to paint it…)

Wednesday May, 9 2007

I won one! (er two and a half…)

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So I actually managed to win some icon contests.

I won a mod’s choice with
And first place in two different contests with these two:


Tuesday May, 8 2007

Trouble Waking Up in the Morning?

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How about an alarm clock that runs away?

If you hit snooze once after the timer has expired the alarm clock will throw itself off your nightstand and hide itself so you have to get up to turn it off.

See Clocky in Action!

Or check out the Strange Commercial.

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