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Wednesday August, 22 2007

Icons here and there

Filed under: General — makani @ 3:29 pm

I’ve been uploading new icons here and there to the SunTemple.  Usually it’s about four at a time as they become available.  I’m thinking of joining a new icon contest so that number could go up.

I’m also studying to get A+ certified this fall.  That’s going to be a dozy.

Friday August, 10 2007

Heat Wave

Filed under: General — makani @ 3:47 pm

Heat like this is just terrible.  It’s hit 105 every day this week and that’s in the shade.

Hopefully next week it will cool down again.

On the up side I’m back into playing Dragon Quest 8.  I just beat Rank S in the monster arena and I’m moving on to the snowy north.  Mmmm snow.

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