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Friday September, 28 2007

Cranberry Potroast Redux

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I know I posted this recipe before but I found another recipe that involves much less sugar.
You need a crockpot for this.  Crockpots are the best cooking invention ever!  Get one.  You just can’t go wrong with chuck everything in and cook for 8 hours.

3-4lb pork roast
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup ground or chopped cranberries
1/8 tsp ground nutmeg
1/8 tsp ground cloves
1 tsp grated orange peel
1/4 cup honey

Sprinkle the roast with salt and pepper and throw it in the slow cooker.  Pour everything else on top, cover and cook on low for 8 to 10 hours.

It comes out very tasty.  For me it involves a lot less special shopping than the other recipe.  The only thing I didn’t have were the cranberries and an orange.  I ended up using jellied cranberries instead of whole berries and it tasted very good.

Monday September, 24 2007

Still Bentoing

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I’m still bentoing.  I’m not sure if this counts as a record.  Has it been a month yet?

I’m learning that establishing a collection of bento friendly food is a very good idea.  I do not have a collection of bento friendly food.  This means I have to get creative.  I like being creative but usually I’m making bento at 6:30am.  I’m not at my best that early in the morning.

Veggies and fruit are easy.  Chop them up and they’ll fit nicely into a bento.  Leftover chicken with fresh rice works pretty well too as does Meatloaf and lasagna.  I have a feeling Bulgogi would be a fantastic bento meal.  It just takes forever to cut the meat and it has to marinade over night.

I think I’m making cranberry pork roast soon.  That will also make excellent bento.

Must search out tiny food.
Also: Okami is very, very pretty.  More on Okami later.

Wednesday September, 19 2007

Bento Recipe: Chicken Dumpling Patties (Mini chicken burger)

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I took this recipe from Cooking Cute and tried it out this morning.

Her recipe uses 3oz of chicken at a time.  Some people out there might take a pound of chicken and painstakingly divide it into 3oz sections and then freeze the unused portions but I get my ground chicken in 1 lb sections, so I modified the recipe for 1 lb of chicken.

I also cooked it this morning in about half an hour while J helped me cook breakfast because I didn’t plan ahead well enough.  Hence the dried onions and garlic powder.

My recipe still need some tweaking.
1 lb ground chicken
1/2 teaspoon salt or less to taste
about 1/3 cup flour
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon minced dried onions

So I dumped the chicken into a bowl and added everything else.  (The original recipe called for cornstarch and I didn’t have any so I skipped that.)  I mixed everything together and then formed little round mini patties and fried them up.  You can pack as many as you like and refrigerate the rest for lunch the next day.  I cook for two, so for one person the chicken would last longer.

I have a feeling that this recipe is a lot like meatloaf in that it’s open to lots of variations.  I plan to run some variations on it myself.  Like using chopped fresh onions, rosemary, thyme and sage next time.

They smelled good and the bit I tried was tasty.  It still needs something, so I’m going to toy with the recipe.

I didn’t have a chance to take any pictures because I was running late this morning but the little chicken patties fit well into the bento if stood on their sides.  I added some rice and vegetables.  I also pack fruit, peppers and cucumbers into the other half of the bento.  A balanced and tasty meal!

Tuesday September, 18 2007

Bento, Dragon Quest, and Gloves from Finland

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My bento is still going strong. I added a snack box that we actually use for the main course rather than snack because it’s slightly bigger and my bento recipes tend to involve lots of leftovers. (Want bento? Issendai has bento!)

It works so well because I actually eat less, eat healthier, and feel full. And I have a cute bag and lunch box to take to work and lay out on my desk. I love bento.

Onto Dragon Quest. I beat the optional bosses. They were hard, it’s true, but not as hard as I was expecting. I spent a lot of time healing but I never ran out of MP and I didn’t have to use any of my items except one. I think perhaps level 78+ was a bit high to go after them. (Although, even at that level several of the bosses could still kill me with one hit.) I beat the real boss again and got the true ending. Satisfying. If you want a great RPG, pick up Dragon Quest 8. It’s cheap now because it’s become a Greatest Hits, so grab it for $15 or less.
Now it’s onto Okami and then to FF12.

Now for the last item. I got some brand new fingerless gloves, merino wool, handmade in Finland!

I ordered two pairs, assuming that J would like one. She was dubious since wool is itchy. These are not itchy (they’re not cashmere, so they’re not super soft, but still softer than regular wool).
Well made and comfortable! No more cutting the fingertips off stretchy gloves only to have them unravel in a month! They cover right up to the top knuckle on the finger, which is just perfect for keeping warm hands while typing in the winter. I’m very happy.
I purchased these via a shop on Etsy. A network of users who sell handmade goods. My gloves are from Morrgan’s Creatures. They were a custom order, check her sold section. The maker is in Finland but the shipping was only about $5.
(One more shop plug. I bought some jewelery from this user and it was beautiful!)
You do have to sign up to shop on Etsy, but like ebay, it’s free and there are lots of beautiful handmade things to be found.

Jeez! Have I done enough pimping in this post?

At any rate, life is good.

Friday September, 14 2007

Final Boss Phase 2

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Because I know that so many of you care exactly what I’m doing right now in Dragon Quest VIII.

Let me just ask a question.  There are a lot of gamers on my friend’s list.  Did you ever play through a game, enjoying every second of it, leveling like mad (or not) only to get to the final boss and find out that he/she is a wimp?  Is this some kind of video game plague?  I can’t remember a final boss (outside of the final boss of Final Fantasy 1) that was hard.

So yeah, on that note, the hardest part about this boss was getting rid of that pesky shield that made him invulnerable.  That took 10+ rounds of praying and then healing while he wailed on me.  Once that shield went down he was pretty easy.

So now I’m heading towards the final dungeon with the reassurance that these bosses are going to give me a run for my money.  (I’m level 70+ so we’ll just see about that.)

Tuesday September, 11 2007

Final Boss First Stage

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So I beat the Final Boss in DQ8. Let me rephrase that. I beat the first part of the final boss. Then I fought three more bosses, in a row, and now I have to fight the final boss again, only he’s bigger, badder, and invulnerable.

I love this game.

In other news I’m plugging away at editing last year’s NaNo Novel and plotting out this year’s NaNo novel.  I think I’m writing a “romance” novel this year.  Why?  So that I can start throwing it at publishers who put out this stuff like candy.  It won’t make me a lot of money but every little bit helps.

Friday September, 7 2007

Great American NaNo Novel

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I’m once again working on editing my NaNo novel.  Of course since I wrote the it in a month the pacing is way off.  Things are happening way to fast so my latest attempt is to try and slow them down while still having certain things happen.

If that doesn’t make sense just be assured it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

The most important thing is to have written.  Ok, so I have written.  What do I do when I find out I haven’t written half of the bloody book?

Tuesday September, 4 2007

Bento Bento YAY!

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Three days into using a Bento lunch box and I’m very pleased.  It forces me to make a well balanced lunch and it forces me to do it the night before. No more running around the kitchen at 6am throwing things into a bag.

It also forces me to plan out meals which means I have to think about what to cook for dinner more often.  In the long run it’s a very good thing.  In the short run I have no earthly idea what I’m making for dinner tonight.  And getting home at 5 or 6pm almost every night doesn’t tend to make me inclined to cook.  It’s time to start seriously using my crockpot.

Dragon Quest 8

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One year later I’m 115+ hours into this game.  I’m heading towards the last dungeon and a lovely and round level 50.  It’s time to beat the game and then go back and do the optional dungeon.

I wonder if I can rack up 200 hours on this game.

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