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Wednesday November, 28 2007

Stupid Computers

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So I’m wondering why I don’t have my glasses yet, I call up my local shop.  They of course get the glass shipped in from some place else.

First time there was a back order and they were only able to get one lens.  Ok whatever, I’ll have them soon enough.

The day comes and goes, I call back.  Man at the local shop calls company again.  Company had a computer error.  Bah!  So the glass should show up tomorrow and my local shop said they’ll make it a priority and I’ll have my glasses tomorrow afternoon.

It’s about time because my eyes hurt really bad.  I have to just close my eyes and not look at anything for a week.

Tuesday November, 27 2007

NaNoWriMo for the Win

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Yes, I won NaNo again this year. Even starting out on day one with 0 words written I still managed to pull through and much like last year I’m struggling to finish the damn thing before November is out. The point is the word count but the point is also finishing the novel so that it can be edited in the following months.

I’m feeling pretty good about this one. If I can flush out some things out I must just start chucking it at agents and seeing if it sticks.

Tuesday November, 20 2007

How did that happen?

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My laptop seems to have caught a virus somehow.  Not sure how that worked.  The network card stopped working suddenly one day but all tests showed it as working properly.  I did a complete system wipe and reinstalled everything so now it works.  Lost Dreamweaver, found the CD, but I’m not sure I still have the key.  I know I wrote it in the manual because at some point I lost the CD.  I’m sure the manual is around I just have to find it again.  I’m sure I found it and said to myself: “I need to put this in a safe place!” And then I did, except that safe place wasn’t the box of computer CDs.  Oh well.

Onto planning for Turkey Day and baking pies.  Mmm pie.

Thursday November, 15 2007

Eye Pain

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So that eye pain was indeed eye strain, or so the optometrist says.
My eye was kind enough to do the stabbing pain thing while he was looking at it and he saw the muscles twitching.

So the good news is my eye isn’t going to fall out the bad news is he wants me to have reading glasses to reduce the strain.
He’s a nice fellow and understands my lack of funds or health insurance that covers vision care but the alternative doesn’t sound great.  My eye looks fine right now but if I don’t do something to help it it might not stay that way.

So reading glasses it is, because I spend lots and lots of time in front of the computer and I like my eyes.

Oh and he dilated my eyes.  I look so creepy.

Monday November, 12 2007

Welcome NaNo

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Hello November!

November means several things.  One is Turkey and lots of other food, another is planting in things in my garden and the last is NaNoWriMo.  And against all sanity I am once again doing all three.

So that means two pies and five pounds of mashed potatoes, planting 100 bulbs (almost literally) and 1667 words a day.

And so far I’m doing just fine with all three!  The pies aren’t going to be made for another week so that gives me a little bit of time to prepare.  I like baking so it shouldn’t be terrible.

I planted all the bulbs over the weekend now all that’s left to do is call the City so they’ll dump a load of leaves so I can mulch the garden beds.

Lastly, the NaNo thing seems to be working out.  I’m only slightly ahead of schedule and I need to get cracking so that I’ll be two days ahead and thus able to take two days off right around Thanksgiving.

So far, so good.

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