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Monday January, 21 2008


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I just got asked be a Bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding.

The color is deep blue (thank god) and so far the dress choices look good.  We’ll see as the time gets closer.

Saturday January, 19 2008

On Metal Gear Solid 3

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Someone explain to me why a cardboard box running across a mountain side doesn’t attract suspicion?

If I saw a cardboard box with combat boots booking it across mountain paths, in broad daylight, I’d tell someone.  Or shoot it at least!

The box hides all.

Friday January, 18 2008

Snow Shovel

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So, I’ve been down here almost three years now and so far I haven’t needed a snow shovel.  Not enough snow, you see.

Well it snowed yesterday.  A good 4 to 6 inches.  I have no shovel.  I go into my shed and find a push broom that someone had used when they tarred the driveway.  (Must’ve been years ago, because we just bought this place.)

The bristle were solid so I used that and it worked pretty well.  It did the job and we have a clear driveway.  It’s all melting now although they say we’re getting more snow on Saturday.  Guess I’d better get a shovel.

Thursday January, 10 2008


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Some of those wallpapers I promised are now up.  Just two for now.

Wednesday January, 9 2008

Webpage updates

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I’ve been adding new icons to the site on a pretty regular basis now.  I’ll be doing a wallpaper update in a bit, nothing new on the anime front but some stuff on the fractal front.

Tuesday January, 8 2008

Eee PC

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Anyone out there have an opinion on an Eee PC?  I’m just wondering if any of you geeks have an opinion.  I kinda want one.

Here’s the basic info for the link lazy:

2G Surf: 2G of memory (about 400 MG left over after the applications are installed), no webcam, 512 MG of non-upgradeable RAM, a battery that lasts 2:45 hours. Costs $300.  Who needs a webcam anyway but 400mg of workable space?  Now that’s a writing machine no doubt.  I could maybe fit a NES emulator on there.

4G Surf: 4G of memory (about 1.4G free after apps), no webcam, 512 MG of upgradeable RAM, 2:45-hour battery.  Costs $350.  Ok, a gig of space, not bad, that would probably hold me and I don’t use a webcam but that battery life is a bit low.

4G: Same as the 4G Surf, but it has a webcam and a battery that lasts 45 minutes longer. Costs $400. Getting closer, now why can’t I have this without the webcam?

8G: Same as the 4G, but with twice the hard drive space and 1 MG of upgradeable RAM. The hard drive is also upgradeable. Costs $500.  Not sure if this is worth it.

All in all I think I want to 4gb model but the 2gb would certainly be good for what I want to use it for, a glorified type writer.

Thursday January, 3 2008

Welcome to the New Year!

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I finally got over that bug.  That thing lasted at least two weeks.  Not fun.

A Happy New Year and all that.  I suppose I should make a resolution to write more this year.  I think that’s the same one I made last year.  I should probably make a resolution to finish more of my stories, or to start querying.  That’s a good one.  This year I shall polish up one of my novels and start sending query letters.  I shall also brace myself for the inevitable rejection.
I did start off the New Year with a learning experience.  I take a pottery lesson over at the Kiln.  I learned how to use a pottery wheel.  I have a whole new respect for the mug I got for Christmas.  Pottery is really hard work, especially centering.  Centering the clay is really hard.   I have two bowl/cup things to show for two pounds of clay.  I’ll reserve  my judgments until they’ve been fired.

No matter what they look like, at least I tried.

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