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Friday March, 28 2008

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

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So, I’m playing this game as lent to me by a friend.  I shall give you a short review.

It is bad.

Ok.  I’ll give you a slightly longer review.

You play the part of a Second Fellowship.  Don’t leave yet; it gets worse.  You have your own clones of everyone except the hobbits.   You start the game with Berethor of Gondor, shortly thereafter meet up with the lady warrior Idrial of Lórien.  Not long after that  you get your Aragorn clone,  Elegost the Dúnedain and then the Gimli clone, Hadhod the Dwarf.  A little more than halfway through the game you meet up with the last two members of your party, Morwen of Penmark (a Gondorian gone Rohirim) and Eaoden of  Rohan.

You follow the Fellowship around Middle Earth to help them fight.  Exciting?  Not really.

First I’ll relate the good.  There’s not much.

Other than a few musical glitches the sound is great.  The sound effects are spot on and the music beautiful.  Well done!

The game itself is pretty, except for the face rendering which seems flat to me.  The scenery is beautiful.  Fire flickers, the sunsets looks real and the light falls in convincing ways.

The voice acting is good.  Many of the characters from the movies make cameos.

There are save points everywhere.  This could be annoying to some, but saving heals you and this makes finding leveling up spots easy.

Now for the bad and there’s a lot of bad.

The plot wavers between horrible and downright terrible.  Don’t get this game for the story, because there is none.
The plot “twists” are even worse.  They don’t make sense at all.  This game was written by a 12 year old who wanted to write some wish fulfillment fiction.  Yes, it is that bad.

The fighting is repetitive.  You fight, orcs, goblins, trolls, Uruk-hai, wargs and wild men.  That’s it.  Sure, Dragon Warrior 1 did the same thing with palette swaps, but Dragon Warrior 1 came out on theNES in 1989.  Palette swaps can be good, but in this game it’s just bad and boring, not to mention sometimes they don’t even palette swap.  Oh look another warg it’s a stronger warg, and it’s not even a different color.  Glee.

Many parts of the game are just broken.  I had to run around back and forth for ten mintues in one place order to get a cut scene that would let me progress.  The healing items fair no better.  Items that are supposed to heal a small bit of health or Action Points will sometimes heal you to full or just a tiny bit.  The same goes for all the healing items even the “greater” ones.  This is annoying at best.  In other words, sometimes a healing item from the beginning of the game will heal ten points and other times six hundred.  That is not an exaggeration.

There are invisible walls.  If you don’t want me to go somewhere put a big ass pile of rocks there or something don’t make a wide open space that I can’t get too.  Ok so it’s nice not to have to worry about falling off the narrow bridges in Moria but when I run smack into an invisible wall that leads out onto an OPEN PLAIN I am unimpressed.

Evil Mode is unlocked when you complete a chapter.  It lets you go back and fight key battles as the bad guys to win “evil” weapons for your party.  That’s all you do.  You get to play as the boss.  It could’ve been cool but overall it’s not.  The coolest part is playing as the Balrog and that battle took me all of ten minutes.

Overall either rent the game or find it in the bargain bin.  Don’t pay full price.  Is it fun?  Yes and no.  If you ignore the plot it’s not a bad play if you like grinding or something mindless.  Sure, it’s pretty and the voice acting is good and the names seem spot on but the plot, repetitiveness of the battles, broken hint system, and broken items make it just not worth the money.

Tuesday March, 18 2008

Hello Spring!

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The first flowers have finally bloomed in my yard. We’ve had green popping up for almost a half a month now but the first daffodil finally bloomed the other day. It’s nice to see the bulbs I plant bloom. I was told for years I was terrible with plants and I may not be good with plants but I have a garden damnit and it’s pretty!

I went and bought my bridesmaid’s dress this past weekend. I’m very happy with what size I turned out to be. That was a nice surprise. (Despite my tough exterior I really am a pretty princess at heart.)

And this week I have friends coming down to stay for a few days. That’s bound to be fun. It’s going to be a busy two weeks but that’s ok. It’s good to be busy in spring.

Thursday March, 13 2008

Bear & Bunny Bentos

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I found some boiled egg molds.

They were very easy to use. I boiled my eggs in my rice cooker again. Took them out, held them in a towel to peel off the shells and then popped them right into the molds. I followed the instructions and dropped them in a bowl of cold water for about ten minutes.

Bunny Bear Eggs Bunny & Bear Bentos

So we have Onigiri, a tiny bit of broccoli, some mini meatballs I made and the cutest boiled eggs my lunch has ever seen.

Monday March, 10 2008

Why Hello there Daylight Savings Time.

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That whole hour earlier thing may be good for using more of the sunlight in a day but my internal clock doesn’t like it at all.

But hey it’s Monday.  Hello Monday!  I have nothing else of interest to add except that I have Melon flavored black tea.  Mmmm tea.

Wednesday March, 5 2008

Simple Bento

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This is a very simple bento.

Simple Bento

Onigiri, a tiny bit of shelled edamame, broccoli, and a hard boiled egg. I was proud of how I arrange this and at how simple it was to make. It’s all stuff we just tend to have around.
J wanted me to post this, so I did. Bento fun.

Tuesday March, 4 2008

On the Chicken

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The Teriyaki Chicken freezes pretty well. It seems to have gotten a tiny bit dry but still very tasty. I don’t think I’d risk freezing it for a long time but not so bad for the short term.

Oh and some more shingles flew off the roof. My roof is having a midlife crisis and wants to be a stripper or something. It’s very annoying.

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