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Saturday June, 28 2008

Hot hot Hot

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Hello summer and 97 degree temperatures.

My house has no AC.  Wheeeeeee.

Friday June, 27 2008

Erm about that Twilight

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Still a pretty game but now I’m stuck in Death Mountain.  I’m not lining up my jumps right.  So Link goes happily into the lava.  Not so much fun.  For now it’s back to Dragon Quest 8.  No jumping involved.

Friday June, 6 2008

Boldly into the Twilight

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Why yes I am playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, why do you ask?

This game is beautiful.  The time of day changes in a very realistic way.  If you find the right spot you can even watch the sun set.  The sun sets are pretty spectacular.

You can also fish.  Who needs to save all of Hyrule when you can go fishing?

After the initial obligatory tutorial period the game tosses you a plot twist that I didn’t see coming and then lets you lose on the world.  It’s a big world.  A big beautiful world.

With sunsets.

(And fishing!)

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