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Friday August, 29 2008

Back to Work

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Back working at all three of my jobs.  Job number 3 which was supposed to be an occasional thing has just jumped up to almost twice a week.  That’s both good and bad.  Good because it brings in more money; bad because it makes me run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

The Ren Faire was really awesome.  This place was just huge!  There was lots of food, although recently I’ve noticed that Ren Faires tend to have more varieties of food.  It was on the grounds of a Winery so they had wine tasting which was new for me.  I ended up bringing home two delicious wines.  Next time I manage to get there I’m going to get more.

There were of course tons of folks not in costume but those folks that were in costume were in very impressive costumes.

The entertainment was also cool.  We saw the Tarten Terrors who were amazing, and Barely Balanced who were amazing with fire!

And as for loot I came away with a new mask, mug, and skirt frog.  Yay.

As for Bento stuff I picked up a  Thermal Bento from Amzon and it works really well.  I had to add an extra snack box for J but it fit nicely in the bag.  If you’ve been looking for a thermal bento that’s worth the price tag, I liked this one.

Tuesday August, 26 2008


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Got home yesterday after another 6 hours of driving.
I’m starting work tomorrow.  Found that out today.

The Ren Faire was fantastic.  I need to go to the PA Faire more often.  They sell tasty wine.  That faire is freakin huge and lots of folks in costume.  Also flush toilets and good food.

I wanted to go into great detail about how great it was but I’m still recovering from driving, my wireless is acting up, and I need to figure out what to cook for lunch and dinner all week.

So, I’ll share the awesomeness later.

Friday August, 22 2008


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13 hours to MA.  Only traffic was in CT.

7 hours to PA.  Traffic in CT, NY, NJ…. I should’ve stayed on 84.  Oh well.  I’ve arrived in PA safe and sound even if the exit I was supposed to take off the highway doesn’t exist anymore.  I found the right route and manged to find my way to where I was supposed to go.  My sense of direction is better than I thought, or something.

Friday August, 8 2008

On the Road Again

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Off on a two week trip up the east coast. Very fun.

In preparation I did spend four hours canning tomatoes and freezing beans.   That’ll be nice come winter. Still it’s hard leaving all our plants right as they’re starting to produce.

Ah well, there’s a Ren Faire in my future.

Saturday August, 2 2008

Blackberries & Peaches

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I love the barter system.  I did computer work about a month ago and my payment came in a few days ago as a bag of peaches.  Yum.

This morning we went blackberry picking and came home with two gallons of blackberries.  It’s time for some blackberry peach cobbler.  Yum.

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