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Monday November, 17 2008


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I am now slightly more gainfully employed than I was.


Friday November, 14 2008

An Open Letter to my Credit Card

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Dear Visa,

Hi, do you remember me? We’ve been together for ten years now,  yeah its been that long.  Do you remember when I first applied for you?  I was all scared and excited about credit and you just walked into my life with $500?

We had some good times together.  I didn’t use you much because credit card debt is a scary thing but you stuck with me slowly increasing your credit line until I was giddy with the thought of actually being able to spend that much money.  I never did but if  I needed you, you were there.

You made it possible for me to have a website.  Do you remember that?  We bought my first domain name together and then you took care of the monthly fees.  Wasn’t that fun?  I couldn’t have done it without you.

Then came a huge turning point in our relationship.  We went to China together.  Do you remember?  All those fees you charged me for foreign currency exchange weren’t so much fun but just knowing you were there with the money I’d sent you so I wouldn’t have to deal with travelers checks was worth it.  And you kept those fees low anyway, much much lower than other cards.  I was so happy.

You even stuck with me through a couple of late payments.  You understood because I usually paid my bills on time and on those two occasions you were really nice about the fees.  I thought we were having a good time.

So you’ll have to understand that this letter I’ve just received in the mail troubles me.  You’re canceling my service.  No advance warning, nothing.  My card will be gone before the end of the month and you’ve dropped my credit line to $100.

You gave me a number to call if I had questions but when I call I get a busy signal or someone who can’t tell me anything.  Why are you leaving me, Visa?  Was it something I said?  I suppose you’re a victim of the economic downturn but I thought we had something, I  thought you were stable!

I wish we could talk about this but the number is busy again so I’ll just have to bid you a tearful farewell.  You were the first Credit Card I had all on my own and I’ll miss you.


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