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Friday March, 27 2009

Cold Turtle Hates Deer

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Its raining and cold, I still have the remains of that cold I caught.  It was actually cold/stomach flu.  The stomach flu seems to be gone but the cold remains.

Also the deer ate EVERY SINGLE ONE of my tulips.  Bastards!

Anyone want to come over and make venison roast out of them?

Saturday March, 21 2009

Lodge Good, Cold Bad

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The last lodge up at Nancy’s farm was great.  I always forget how amazing it is to sit in a place where its so dark you can’t tell if your eyes are open or closed.

I would rapture in detail but I managed to catch a cold too so I’m down with the sniffles and mostly incoherent.

I think my immune system moved to Hawaii or something.

Wednesday March, 18 2009

Alive, just boring

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Just like the subject line says.

I got unstuck on Twilight Princess and now I’m up against another boss.  I’m not looking forward to that, but all I can do is try and try again.

I want to play Okami again, or better yet Dragon Quest VIII.  Stupid bosses.

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