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Tuesday September, 29 2009

Here comes fall

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The weather is finally cooling down and fall is in the air.  Its also almost October which means Halloween and preparing for NaNo!

Halloween this year falls on a Saturday which means J and I might actually be able to do something!  We’re planning to as a White Mage and a Black Mage ala Final Fantasy.  This requires a trip to goodwill to seek out proper costumes.

The NaNo research is going well although finding information about food in Heian Era Japan is proving to be way too difficult.  I’ve got a little bit of information but not nearly enough.  I did find a chapter in a book about the color combinations in clothing in Heian Japan which has made me happy.

Other than that life is slow.  I got my first really flat tire about a week ago.  That’s exciting.  Time to buy new tires!

Thursday September, 3 2009

Back to Work and all that jazz

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So September means back to school and back to work. I’m lucky in that school hasn’t started yet here so I’m back to work and I have sometime to get ready for the influx of students.

The weather is cooling down here which I find wonderful.  It means it will actually be bearable to work in the garden and go for long walks up the trails.   This weekend I shall encourage lots of walking.

NaNoWrimo is looming and I’m getting ready with perhaps my most random idea to date.  A Damphyre and a Gargoyle in Heian Era Japan.  Research time!

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